The Last Of Us Remake Is Extremely Detailed, But Does It Matter?

Ellie in TLOU on PS4 alongside Ellie in TLOU on PS5 in a Digital Foundry comparison video.

Screenshot: Sony / Digital Foundry / Kotaku

For their latest trick, the pixel analysis experts at digital foundry chose a hot button element: the last of us part i. Although the question at the center of Part I“Does this need to exist?” is still very much up for grabs, you can’t deny a glow when you see it.

Announced last week on the launch event of the Summer Game Fest, the last of us part i is a total remake of Naughty Dog’s seminal third-person survival game, first released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and again in 2014 with a remastered edition on PlayStation 4. Part I is meant to polish the visuals of the original and bring its game to modern parity with the last of us part 2released in 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Ad sparked a debate on social media, to the point where “the last of us” started trending on Twitter. Some observers said barely it looked better than the original. Others seemed impressed by the noticeable improvements. As with all those arguments condensed into byte-sized disputes, people selectively chose screenshots that reinforced their specific points.

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It is impossible to assess whether or not The last of us it’s fun with 2020-era Naughty Dog controls until the game comes out in September for PlayStation 5. (PC will be released later). but you can get digital foundry, known for best-in-class visual quality breakdowns, to talk about graphics. They were deep. Anyone tangentially involved with last week’s debate will want to check it out:

The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 vs The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro Detailed Improvements!

The main conclusion is clear: according to publicly available images, the last of us part i it is unequivocally more beautiful than the original(s). It’s especially noticeable in the foliage, which looks more lush and full, as if it’s entered a plant’s version of the. The facial textures are far above the original and remastered versions (this is especially noticeable with details as granular as the wrinkles around Joel’s mouth) and the lip sync is now in sync with the vocal tracks. At a point, digital foundry he even points out how Ellie’s eyes move mechanically in a scene from the original. But in the new version, based on trailer footage, Ellie’s eyes are more natural, moving to various focal points in a less linear fashion. (This is where the visual comparisons in the brush start to lose me a bit. The original eyes Look totally fine for me!)

digital foundry also compared images to see how Part I builds up visually for Part II. Short version: there is very little natural light between the two, something that is more apparent when you look at the environments. “If I present these shots without labels, you could assume they are from the same game,” digital foundryOliver Mackenzie said of images of two similar landscape screenshots placed side by side. The same point refers to the character models (which is also why Joel in Part I he appears older than in the 2013 original, to be more in line with his age in Part II).

It is an impressive summary. And, of course, Naughty Dog, infamous for a studio-wide culture of perfectionism and for some reported cases of long hours As a result, it displays images that set a gold standard for the industry. But I’m skeptical about the merits of this new version nonetheless, and I’ll reserve judgment until I actually play it. As Twitter user KazHiraiCEO joked, a famous fake account that imitated former Sony boss Kaz Hirai. in 2015“Announcing The Last of Us Remastered – Remastered for PS4. Joel’s beard will have 5% more detail than in the first Remastered version.”

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