The Quarry: Family Matters Trophies and Achievements Guide

Nasty cop Travis isn't the worst member of the family, but he needs to get down for the achievement.

The Quarry is the latest narrative horror game from Supermassive Games. This one features a group of camp counselors who get stuck at camp for one more night, resulting in a bloodbath. The villains of the game are the Hacketts, the family that owns the camp and the quarry in which it takes place. It is possible to kill all the Hacketts in a single match, earning an achievement/trophy for doing so. This guide tells you all the opportunities you have to kill each member of the family. GameSpot’s best ending guide will also result in the deaths of all Hacketts. It is also important to note that you need to keep as many councilors alive as possible to get these opportunities. Spoilers ahead.


There are seven members of the Hackett family, with one villain out of eight who is not required for the achievement, but unlocks his own achievement/trophy. Kaylee is the first member of the family to die and will always be killed by Laura and found floating in a pool in Chapter 5. You don’t have to do anything to trigger this, it always happens.

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Nasty cop Travis isn’t the worst member of the family, but he needs to get down for the achievement.

Travis will die in either Chapter 9 or Chapter 10, depending on the decisions you make early in the game. These decisions come as Laura in Chapter 7. The first option is to take the gun from Travis and shoot him once in jail. This will cause him to show up in Chapter 9 and kill Laura, then Ryan will kill him. The second option is to grab the syringe from the second floor office as Laura in the police station. After that, store it on the wall and use it to subdue Travis. This will result in him helping Laura and Ryan in Chapter 9.

If it helps, she will be with Laura and Ryan during the final showdown in Chapter 10. Laura will be asked to shoot Silas, don’t shoot silas. This will trigger a QTE where Travis tries to take the gun, you must fail the QTE. This results in Laura shooting and killing Travis.

There is a third option. If Ryan refuses to be bitten by Laura when he is injured, he will die right after shooting Chris. This will result in a QTE for Laura where she can shoot Travis. The best method here is killing Travis in the final showdownbut you have multiple options.


During Chapter 9 inside Hackett’s house, Laura will eventually have a fight with Constance over a gun. If she quickly presses the button that appears on the screen, Laura will win the fight and shoot Constance, killing her.

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Despite the myriad of injuries Bobby sustains, there is only one chance to kill him.
Despite the myriad of injuries Bobby sustains, there is only one chance to kill him.

Bobby, the very large hunter, can be set up to be killed in Chapter 9. Bobby will stab Ryan in Chapter 9, as long as Ryan is alive at this point, this always happens, and he will be presented with the option to take out the knife or leave it inside. Leave the knife inside. This will allow Ryan to take him out later and stab Bobby, causing Chris to kill him later.


Jedediah can die in two different ways in Chapter 9. Laura will have to perform a couple of QTEs in a row. If they are completed successfully, she will have the option to attack Jedediah or run and escape through the window. If you attack Jedediah, you can break a button to kill him. If you choose to escape through the window, Chris will kill him later.


Hackett Quarry's beloved camp director is more monster than man when he comes to an end.
Hackett Quarry’s beloved camp director is more monster than man when he comes to an end.

Also during Chapter 9, Ryan and Laura find Chris chained up in the attic of the Hackett house as a werewolf. He will break free of the chains and attack them, causing the ground to collapse under them. This is where he will kill Bobby and Jedeiah if you follow the steps above. After he kills them, Ryan will have a chance to shoot him. He shoots Chris and he will die.


Caleb can be killed in two different ways in Chapter 10, but both require you to do certain tasks early in the game. In Chapter 9, Emma and Abigail are able to find silver bullets in the basement of the cabin. In Chapter 10, while Kaitlyn is running from Caleb in the shelter, you can choose Research the door, which will cause the silver bullets to slide under the door. You can then shoot Caleb. This sequence of shots requires precision, as a missed shot kills Kaitlyn and Caleb, so wait for Caleb to start running towards you to shoot him.

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The other option is a bit more complicated, but it results in Caleb’s death. In Chapter 1, Abigail will enter a cabin to look for her bag. She will interact with a stuffed animal and have the option to keep it. Hold the stuffed animal and Abigail will put it in her bag. In Chapter 5, Abigail will end up in the kitchen as she runs and hides from Bobby. He chooses to leave the bag in the kitchen. If you do this, while Kaitlyn is running from Caleb, she may end up in the kitchen and find the bag. You can throw the stuffed animal in the freezer. Caleb will follow him and will be locked in the freezer. Once Silas dies in the ending, Caleb will revert to his human form and die in the freezer.


Silas is not a member of Hackett and is not required for that achievement. However, killing Silas unlocks his own achievement and could be required for Caleb’s death, depending on how he kills him. Silas can only be killed in the endgame and the easiest way to do it is to choose the options where Travis lives to the end. After doing the necessary steps to kill Travis in the ending, Laura will still have the option to shoot Silas asleep. She chooses to do this and Silas will die.

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