Total Cookie Protection: Firefox isolates cookies from tracking

Total Cookie Protection: Firefox isolates cookies from tracking.  (1)

from Andrew Link
With Total Cookie Protection, Firefox gets another mechanism against tracking. Going forward, cookies will be categorically isolated to prevent cross-site tracking.

Mozilla has made data protection a priority like no other browser provider and is now taking the next step with Firefox. Cookies will be categorically isolated in the future. This is to prevent cross-page tracking. It’s called Total Cookie Protection.

“Rather than allowing trackers to link your behavior across websites, they can only see behavior on individual websites. Each time a website, or content embedded in a third-party website, sets a cookie on your browser limits this cookie to the cookie collection assigned only to this website. No other website can reach into the cookie drawer that doesn’t belong to it and find out what the cookies of the other websites know about you.”

Total Cookie Protection: Firefox isolates cookies from tracking. (1)

Source: Mozilla

Mozilla had already implemented this for Facebook with an add-on. Anyone who installs the container ensures that Facebook can only see themselves and no one else. This is not particularly popular with third-party providers, which can be deactivated in the settings, but are still not isolated when they are loaded. “Total Cookie Protection offers additional privacy protections that go beyond the existing anti-tracking features,” says Mozilla.

The Total Cookie Protection is the result of a long process to protect the privacy of users and has been tested for about a year via the “strict” profile. One of the hurdles is that websites retain their full functionality as far as possible despite isolated cookies. It should come to all users by mid-August; If you are in a hurry, you can of course always take action yourself.

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Source: Mozilla