Twitch streamer wants to convince religious politicians to ban loot boxes – “It’s brainwashing children”

Twitch streamer wants to convince religious politicians to ban loot boxes - "It's brainwashing children"

Zack “Asmongold” is the biggest MMORPG streamer on Twitch and has a clear opinion: loot boxes and gambling in general have no place in games. He even went so far as to contact politicians. MeinMMO reports.

what is the situation

You can see how Asmongold achieved his success on Twitch in our video:

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Asmongold contacts US Senator Ted Cruz’s office

What did Asmongold do? The streamer has long been opposed to gambling, loot boxes, and other in-game microtransactions. He would even boycott his beloved World of Warcraft and Lost Ark if everyone joins in to make a mark.

He has now announced that he has contacted the office of a senior politician – US Senator Ted Cruz. Just to convince him to get rid of loot boxes from games.

You can watch the clip here:

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What did the streamer say? Asmongold said that being in touch doesn’t mean anything is going to happen. He also stated:

I think I can get a lot of Republicans on board, especially religious ones, if I sell it to them as a gamble. Because it is. This is effectively brainwashing children into getting them to gamble.


The chat then asked him if Ted Cruz could really make a difference and if he even cared, to which Asmongold replied, “I don’t know either, but I want to try and do it. I will really try to do it.” He went on to say:

And I also think that it’s easier selling [an Republikaner] than to democratic politicians (…) I’m willing to put aside any differences I have if it gets me what I want.

Asmongold via Twitter

Asmongold expects more success from it, since many Republicans support his views.

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Why did he contact a Republican? For a long time, the Republican Party has been campaigning to ban online gambling in the United States or to inject the law in other ways. Since we mainly specialize in gaming news and not political issues, you can go to learn more about it.

Asmongold apparently wants to take advantage of this goal and present them with loot boxes and other microtransactions as online gambling.

It remains to be seen whether the senator will actually get in touch and a conversation will take place.

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