According to the leak, Sony will soon bring pro controllers for PS5 with new features and additional buttons

According to the leak, Sony will soon bring pro controllers for PS5 with new features and additional buttons

According to an insider, a new controller for the coveted PS5 will soon be presented. It scores with additional buttons and new software features. We at MeinMMO summarize.

Where does the information come from? All information is from the tryhardguides website. The author responsible, Tom Henderson, claims that an insider has sent him information and pictures of the new PS5 controller. Tom Henderson has leaked a lot of correct information in the past, but as always with leaks, the information should be treated with caution.

What does the leak say? According to the insider, Sony has been working on a “really professional controller” for the PlayStation 5 for a long time, which he says will be officially presented in the coming weeks.

The controller’s codename is “Hunt” and it not only has new and additional buttons, but also its own software features. However, the leaker does not go into detail about the new software, but instead shared pictures with tryhardguides. The site may not publish these images, but describe them.

If you follow this description, the Pro-Controller brings the following innovations:

  • Detachable analog sticks, made possible by buttons under the sticks
  • Trigger stops to stop the R keys early
  • New rear buttons, so-called flappy paddles, as known from cars, among other things
  • Removable grip for the controller to be able to hold it better and more comfortably
  • Significant software updates that the leaker doesn’t elaborate on

When is the controller coming? That’s not clear yet. The source only refers to a vague period in the next few weeks. However, some other sources have already leaked a new Sony event for the end of June, where the controller could also be presented, among other things.

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However, none of the information mentioned has been officially confirmed by Sony.

Sony has already released the PS5 controllers in new colors, but a Pro version is still missing

“It’s a great relief for me”

How is the community reacting? The leak is already being hotly debated on reddit. Pro controllers for the PS5 are nothing new, they just haven’t come directly from Sony so far. Other vendors have offered their own versions of the gamepads, each with different features. However, many fans have been waiting for an official controller from Sony for a long time, which simply can do more.

A big concern for many is the price. If this were set much higher than the 3rd party controller, some would not access it. Also, some people are missing an attachment for the back button. Of course, it is currently not possible to say whether this is attached to the final controller.

In general, however, the discussion is positive and many of the users are excited about the new hardware of the PS5.

What are the fans saying? We would like to reproduce some of the comments accordingly at this point. They come from a reddit thread on the subject:

  • PHXNTM writes: “I’m so ready for Sony to actually make a PS5 Pro controller. I already love the Elite Series 2 for my Xbox. […] It really could be the best controller out there.”
  • Routine_love writes: “It’s about time, I’m definitely not going to buy a 3rd party controller.”
  • Minemosense writes, “DualSense really is the worst controller for fighting games, so that’s a huge relief for me. It would also be nice if it were a bit smaller.”
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What do you think of the rumours? Do you think there’s something to it? Would you buy a Pro Controller for the PS5, or haven’t you been able to get hold of a console yet? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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