Apex Legends Valkyrie Heritage Leak Reveals Amazing Ramen Animations

Valquiria volando en Apex Legends

A new Apex Legend leak has revealed the Valkyrie relic and includes a special interaction involving the Winged Avenger eating a bowl of ramen.

Valkyrie mains may not have to wait much longer for a new cosmetic, as an Apex Legends leak has revealed her relic, as well as her myriad special interactions.

Apex Legends family heirlooms are some of the most coveted items in the game, especially since they have their own animations and traditions. In fact, Valkyrie mains have been wondering which relic Respawn would release for Winged Avenger.

Well, now players have gotten a full taste of the upcoming Valkyrie relic thanks to a new leak, but it’s the unique ramen animation that caught the community’s attention.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Legacy Leak

Comeback Entertainment

A new Apex Legends leak has revealed the Valkyrie relic.

All clues point to Winger Avenger being the next Legend on the list to receive an heirloom, as a new leak has given players a detailed look at the upcoming cosmetic.

Although previous leaks had provided clips of the weapon in its early design stages with no color, the new video shows the spear in all its glory with a variety of impressive details.

This certainly seems to be one of the biggest family heirlooms in the game, similar to the Revenant’s scythe.

From its appearance, it seems to be inspired by the Yari, a traditional Japanese spear with a straight point.

Similar to Crypto’s heritage, Valkyrie’s spear has a number of special animations that add an extra level of character to the cosmetic.

While all of them are impressive, it’s his ramen bowl interaction that went viral and convinced many players that this will be the best heirloom yet.

While Respawn has yet to give an official release date for the Valkyrie relic, a set of recent leaks indicate that it will arrive on June 21 with the Awakening Collection event.

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So for now, all Valk can do is count down the days until the event, which is rumored to add Lifeline Town Takeover to Olympus and regain Control.