Best Fortnite Gun Game Codes for Creative Mode

Fortnite Daylight Savings Time Map

One of the most loved modes in Fortnite Creative is the classic Gun Game, so we’ve rounded up the best and most unique map codes you can play right now.

The popular of Fortnite Creative The mode was first introduced by Epic Games in 2018. The massive sandbox experience gives players the freedom to create their dream map across multiple genres, including Hide and Seek, Deathrun, and even Horror.

One of the most popular modes is Gun Game, which keeps things simple. If you’ve played shooting games before, you probably know the rules: with every kill, you get a new weapon, and the first player to get a kill with each weapon wins.

Below is a list of the best Gun Game map codes you can play right now, from traditional maps like Summer Time and Fantasy Princess to awesome remakes of Modern Warfare 2 and GoldenEye.

The best Gun Game map codes in Fortnite

Name Code Creator
summer gun game 5497-9533-0527 the sip
Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game 4340-5772-0250 jackko
among us gun game 1665-4835-6529 Touch
The Underworld Gun Game 5719-7469-6732 ocdfx
Trick or Treating! Game guns 2554-0350-2054 Jesse Ocegueda
FortCraft Gun Game 3423-7109-4953 jeremiahg2005
N64 Temple of the Golden Eye 4396-1463-7998 junior-chubb
fantasy princess gun game 2933-9593-6272 ifrost origins
sunset showdown 5043-5771-6731 Krootzy
overgrown shootout 8033-9552-5694 fatal creations
Remote Rooftop Gun Game 0522-2225-0329 Smurf

There are more details on each Gun Game map below, with screenshots and information on their unique features so you can figure out which ones you want to play first.

Each one is great though, so we highly recommend giving them a try the next time you’re in the mood for some serious Gun Game action.

Summer Gun Game: 5497-9533-0527

Epic Games / The Sip

Summer and life is easy.

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? If you can’t get there in real life, live vicariously through your favorite Fortnite character in this Summer Time Gun Game map. Fast food trucks, a Ferris wheel, even a boardwalk with carnival rides…it’s all here. So head over to Slurp Beach and be the first to get 25 kills.

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Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Weapon Set: 4340-5772-0250

Fortnite MW Terminal Map
Epic Games / Jakko

Revisit the classic CoD Terminal map.

Players who grew up playing Call of Duty probably have a soft spot in their hearts for Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal map, and now they can play it in Fortnite! This new version of Jakko is just as you remember it, with a giant plane and kiosks to explore. Up to 16 players can participate, and the first to 30 eliminations wins.

Among Us Gun Game: 1665-4835-6529

fortnite among us
Epic Games / Touch

Fortnite meets Among Us in this Skeld map.

Among Us is one of the most unexpected gaming hits of recent times, so much so that it even got its own LTM in Fortnite. However, if you prefer gun games to assassination mysteries, this creative map might be perfect for you. The action takes place on The Skeld, the original Among Us map, complete with Vents to teleport you to different rooms.

The Underworld Gun Game: 5719-7469-6732

Fortnite Map The Underworld
epic games/ocdfx

Time to pay a visit to The Underworld.

In this incredibly stylish map, players fight to “save their soul from the fiery hell known as The Underworld” and be the first to 30 wins against up to 16 opponents. With gargoyle statues and orange lighting, the design really sets the tone. Without a doubt, it is one of the most unique Gun Game maps we have ever played.

Trick or Treating! Weapon Set: 2554-0350-2054

Fortnite Trick or Treating Gun Game Map
epic games / jesse-ocegueda

If you love Halloween, you’ll feel right at home here.

Every day is Halloween, the best party, of course, in this typical suburban street. Decorations like spider webs and pumpkins set the mood, and if you go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, you might find something good. The first person to 20 eliminations wins in this creepy free-for-all map.

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FortCraft Gun Kit: 3423-7109-4953

fortnite minecraft map
epic games / jeremiahg2005

Minecraft looks amazing when recreated in Fortnite.

Fortnite and Minecraft are still two of the most popular games in the world, so crossovers will eventually happen, even if they’re just fan-made. There are many creative maps, but this one is the standout. There are 21 weapons to work with, and everything you’d expect from Minecraft is here.

N64 GoldenEye Temple: 4396-1463-7998

Fortnite GoldenEye Map
epic games/junior-chubb

GoldenEye and Fortnite? It’s a match made in heaven.

Another classic on this list is the Temple of the beloved N64 multiplayer game GoldenEye 007. Even better, there are five modes, all based on the original game: Live & Let Die (Deathmatch), Living Daylights (Flag Tag), You Only Live Twice (Two-Life Deathmatch), License To Kill (One-Shot Kill Deathmatch) and, of course, Golden Gun (Gun Game).

Fantasy Princess Gun Set: 2933-9593-6272

Fortnite fantasy castle
Epic Games / IFrost-Origins

You’ll feel like a firepowered Disney princess on this map.

This magnificent fantasy castle setting looks like something straight out of a Disney movie. It features a courtyard decorated with water features, spires that you can climb, and fireworks that explode in the background as you try to get to 30 eliminations. Just don’t get distracted by how good it looks when you’re close to that final takedown.

Sundown Showdown Gun Set: 5043-5771-6731

Sunset Engagement Map
Epic Games / Krootzy

Let’s go down… to the Sundown Showdown.

Sadly, the fan-favorite Butter Barn landmark was removed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, but you can still live out your cowboy fantasies on the Sundown Showdown map. This fast-paced gun game features only Wild West-inspired weapons like the revolver and double-barreled shotgun, and first to 15 eliminations wins.

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Overgrown Shooting: 8033-9552-5694

A screenshot of the Overgrown Gun Game map in Fortnite
Epic Games / Fatal Creations

Head to the end of the world with this spooky map.

This post-apocalyptic gunfight map looks like it’s straight out of The Last Of Us, and it’s one of the best creative maps we’ve seen. Honestly, Epic Games should add him as a POI in a future season. Up to 16 players can participate with 50 rounds and random loadouts to show off your true Fortnite skills.

Remote Rooftop Gun Game: 0522-2225-0329

A screenshot of the Ranged Rooftop Gun gameplay in Fortnite
Epic Games / Smurf

This map is great for practicing sky-high takedowns.

If you’re looking to hone your skills in the claustrophobic Fortnite city-inspired areas like Tilted Towers or Condo Canyon, which are full of tall buildings to climb and sneak around, then Ranged Rooftop Gun Game is perfect. It’s tight, it’s chaotic, and falling off rooftops means instant death.

How to load a creative map in Fortnite

Fortnite creative mode
epic games

Loading a creative map into Fortnite is simple.

Using a creative map code in Fortnite might seem confusing at first, but it’s actually quite easy. You can do it from the main menu or when you are already in Creative mode. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Load up your copy of Fortnite and enter Creative mode.
  2. Walk to any crevice on the featured island.
  3. Hold down the ‘Use’ button to bring up the code menu.
  4. Write the code of the island you want to visit.
  5. Walk straight into the rift to start.

That’s it for our list of the best Gun Game maps in Fortnite Creative mode. There is much more to discover, and we will update you as new maps are released, so check back soon for more innovative creations.

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