Blizzard: Diablo 4 will not be the next Diablo Immortal

As part of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 presented BlizzardEntertainment new insights and details diablo 4. The release window was also generous, but at least officially set for 2023.

diablo 4Diablo 4: New class, release and other details revealed

Although the revelations, the fans quarterly about the state of things inform, are always promising, the label “Diablo” gets because of its mobile offshoot Diablo Immortal always under criticism.

So that the negative publicity does not rub off on the upcoming major project, Blizzard emphasizes: Diablo 4 will not be the next Diablo Immortal!

Does Diablo Immortal’s reputation scratch Diablo 4’s image?

On June 2, 2022, “Diablo Immortal” was launched and promptly had to get the same make accusationswhich most free-2-play titles are accused of: unfair pay-2-win mechanics, lack of cost transparency and exploitation of the addictive potential.

here you can read the criticism of the fan base again in more detail:

Diablo ImmortalDiablo Immortal – Where Does the Pay-2-Win Cost Really Come From?

We don’t want to demonize mobile games and the free-2-play format in principle. You can also have a lot of fun with “Diablo Immortal”; some of the PlayCentral team will agree.

Colleague Maik Schneider from MyMMO writes, for example, that he enjoyed the game for a long time without having to spend a penny, but despaired of the artificial barriers to progress.

Since its announcement, Diablo Immortal has been a problem child. [Wir erinnern nur: „Is this an out of season april fool’s joke?“] Blizzard seems to fear that the headlines could have a negative impact on “Diablo 4” and is now emphasizing that the two titles are fundamentally different.

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Global Community Lead Adam Fletcher assures:

“D4 will be released as a full-price title aimed exclusively at a PC/console audience. […] Paid additional content is coming [nur] in the form of optional cosmetic items and possibly full-fledged game expansions.”

Flecher made this statement in response to the tweet from streamer Gothalion, who expressed his anticipation of “Diablo 4” with a dig at the mobile offshoot.

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In very similar words, Blizzard senior vice president Rod Fergusson confirmed:

“To be clear, D4 is a full price title for a PC/PS/Xbox audience. We want to ensure a range of content anchored in optimal cosmetics and story expansions for years after release.”

But the tiny word “anchored” (originally) causes concern for some in the community.

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How much weight the (optional) microtransactions We don’t know yet who will eventually wear them, but let’s hope Blizzard learns from Diablo Immortal.