buffedCast: #596 with Diablo Immortal, Pay2Win, WoW and Obi Wan

buffedCast: #596 with Diablo Immortal, Pay2Win, WoW and Obi Wan

from Philip Sattler
In episode 596 of the buffedcast, Seb, Phil and Matze aren’t exactly shy about their opinions on Diablo Immortal and its monetization. The new Star Wars series Obi Wan gets its fat off. In the meantime, the three are happy that WoW Patch 9.2.5 is here and that the cross-faction group game works so well.

With Diablo Immortal, Blizzard has once again hit the nerve of the players – and not necessarily in a positive sense. The game itself is quite good, which we discuss in detail in buffedCast Episode 596. But unfortunately the in-game shop and its orientation overshadows everything else and gives Diablo Immortal the worst user rating of all games on Metacritic. Of course we have to talk about that and so Seb and Matze explain to the Diablo refuser Phil why the shop is so dangerous and how Blizzard contradicts itself.

After that, we move on to more joyful topics: WoW Patch 9.2.5. Cross-faction group play has been on the live servers for two weeks now and Phil has played through countless random groups and comes to the conclusion: the feature works flawlessly and the players are mostly embracing it. But what does this mean for the future of WoW? What’s next? And what do the three actually think of the new talent trees?

At the end, the three talk about the widely differing opinions regarding the new Star Wars series Obi Wan. Is it really as bad or as good as people like to claim? And why are the good Star Wars series to blame for Obi Wan being so criticized now?

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buffedCast #596

00:00:00 Greeting
00:01:12 Diablo Immortal
01:07:34 WoW patch 9.2.5
01:36:32 Obi Wan

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