Diablo Immortal: How To Get 5 Star Legendary Gems As A Free Player

diablo immortal 5 star legendary gem f2p

5 star legendary gems are the most powerful gems in immortal devil, providing significant amounts of resonance and combat rating along with unique effects. While it’s possible to get these gems by fueling Legendary Crests in the Elder Rift, that option isn’t really available to free players. With that being said, there are a couple of ways free players can get 5-star legendary gems in immortal devilalthough both require considerable time investments.


As a quick clarification, 5-star legendary gems are a gem rating and are not always five-star. In fact, it is possible to find a 5 star legendary gem in immortal devil that are two-star, three-star, four-star, or five-star, and the resonance and combat rating they provide increases as the number of stars increases. However, the special effect provided by a 5-star legendary gem remains the same regardless of their stars, meaning they are reasonably powerful all the way around.

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Diablo Immortal: How To Get Free 5 Star Legendary Gems


The first choice to get a 5 star legendary gem as a free player in immortal devil is trying to make one. To do this, players must earn fading embers, a currency awarded for running Elder Rifts. More specifically, fans can earn 200 Fading Embers per week by completing Elder Rifts and an additional 120 per week by completing Elder Rifts when grouped with a player wearing a Crest.

This coin can then be given to the Fading embers and runes salesman next door immortal devilElder Rift in exchange for Fa Runes. Players who want to try crafting a 5-star legendary gem will need 22 of these runes, each costing 18 Faded Embers. Notably, that’s a total of 396 Fading Embers, meaning it will take fans over a week to earn the required amount.

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With 22 Fa Runes in hand, players can talk to the jeweler’s apprentice in Westmarch and select “Create”. A number of options will appear, one of which is to create a Random Legendary Gem. The random gem generated this way can be 1-star, 2-star, or 5-star, and ARPG fans feeling lucky can click “Create” to begin the process.

Note that the chance of creating a 5-star legendary gem is extremely low, and players who engage with this mechanic will almost always get a star or 2. Therefore, it is recommended that fans spend some Fa Runes on crafting 1-star and 2-star legendary gems directly before they start staking large amounts on random gems. In fact, crafting lower quality gems requires far fewer runes, and they can still provide a power boost in the early stages of the endgame.


The other option for free-to-play players looking for 5-star legendary gems is the Market. In fact, fans frequently put their unwanted gems up for sale, and Platinum, the currency used to purchase them, can be obtained without microtransactions at immortal devil. Here are two ways players can earn free platinum, though be aware that it will take quite some time to earn enough to purchase a 5-star legendary gem:

  • Sell ​​Crafted Legendary Gems on the Marketplace.
  • Claim daily activity rewards through the Codex.

immortal devil It is available on Mobile and PC.

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