Do you want to make your own games? Take a look at this bundle with great discounts

Do you want to make your own games?  Take a look at this bundle with great discounts

If you’re looking to get into the world of game development, consider checking out this deeply discounted software bundle, offering 10 unique courses and tutorials for just $30. The aptly named Complete Game Developer Pack 2022 brings 15 hours of coursework across 185 lessons in one package. You will gain experience with Godot, unreal and unity, learning the basics of game design and acquiring fundamental skills for any type of programming. All instruction is provided by ZENVA, a popular destination for aspiring programmers, and this particular package gives you lifetime access to their modules and lectures.

All ten modules are aimed at beginners, making it an affordable way to dive into the programming waters and see if you’re a good fit without signing up for an expensive bootcamp. Here’s a closer look at everything you’ll get with your $30 purchase:

  • Beginner Survival Game Player Mechanics
  • Create a 2D RPG with Godot
  • Create a 2D idle clicker game
  • Build a strategy game with Godot
  • Create an Action RPG in Unreal Engine
  • Create a road crossing mobile game
  • Create a microstrategy game
  • Build a first person shooter with Godot
  • Action RPG development for beginners
  • Create your first 2D game in Unity

Not convinced of the value of this package or interested in other areas of programming? Consider checking out the rest of zenva catalog, you’re looking at huge discounts on Big Data Certification, Python Certification, web development courses, and more.

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