Dr. Disrespect impressed by YouTuber who snuck onto the NBA Finals court for Game 5

dr disrespect and nba player

Dr. Disrespect admitted that he was impressed with the YouTuber who broke through security to enter the court during an NBA Finals matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors were victorious in Game 5, outscoring the Celtics 104-94 in a convincing display. The win brings coach Steve Kerr within striking distance of another championship victory as they lead the series 3-2.

A YouTube content creator, who goes by the name BigDawsTV, was caught posing as Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson in Game 5.

After bypassing five layers of security, the fake Klay was seen shooting all over the court for over 10 minutes.

The prank earned him a vital ban from the venue, the Chase Center, in San Francisco, California, though one of the biggest streamers (and NBA fans) on the internet couldn’t help but be impressed.

Dr. Disrespect responds to ‘fake Klay’ in Game 5 of the NBA Finals

As many will already know, BigDawsTVThe story of has exploded ever since he was kicked out of the arena with a ban letter.

So much so that Dr. Disrespect, a well-known Warriors fan, was asked for his thoughts on the broadcast.

“I saw that video man… It looks a bit like him. I swear, if I had seen him on the streets, I would have had to call him real quick. I wonder how many times they called it and had to edit or delete it, you know?

However, there was one thing that caught Two-Time’s attention.

“He was hitting some 3s on the court though, you can’t deny that,” Doc added, clearly impressed. “I was hitting some 3s – woo!”

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After cashing in on his 10 minutes of fame, the YouTuber who posed as Klay Thompson racked up over two million views on the video. A lifetime ban… but what a way to go viral.