Fallout 5: After Elder Scrolls 6, the new Fallout part is being worked on

Is there an Elder Scrolls series coming to Netflix?  Bethesda is said to be interested

from Karsten Scholz
Even though Elder Scrolls 6 was announced four years ago, it will still be a few years before we can play the final work. You’ll have to be even more patient if you’re more into Fallout 5. After all, Todd Howard confirmed in an interview with IGN that a new Fallout is definitely coming.

Do you remember that one? short teaser trailer from E3 2018, with which Bethesda announced “The Elder Scrolls 6”. That the role play in the January 2022 was still in pre-production and will probably only appear in a few years, has a good reason: Starfield, and probably also a less good reason: Fallout 76. The work on the Elder Scrolls project, which is certainly very ambitious again, will also have an impact on the game that is on the program at Bethesda afterwards. But what could that be?

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