Four-Time Valorant Champion Annie Retires From Cloud9 White

Annie in a graphic with cloud9's logo and colors

Cloud9 announced on June 15 that Annie ‘Annie’ Roberts has stepped down from the Cloud9 White roster and moved into content creation. She will be replaced by Bob ‘Bob’ Tran.

With Cloud9 White, Annie won four North American Game Changers titles along with the FTW Summer Showdown women’s tournament in 2020. The 25-year-old was part of MAJK, the free agent team that would eventually be drafted by Cloud9.

In her time on the team, Cloud9 White only lost a handful of maps in the women’s and gender underrepresented tournament and never lost a series in the qualifiers or the main event.

Annie threw a twitchlonger about his decision to quit, citing unhappiness in competition and mental exhaustion.

“The first year of the team, I would play eight hours a day or practice and review, then stream for over 4 more hours because I really wanted to create content. But I also wanted to ‘catch up’ with the other players who had been playing tac fps since they were babies and decided playing the game constantly would be the way to go,” he wrote.

Annie is an accomplished streamer outside of esports, playing multiple titles with Twitch Ambassador status and boasting over 55,000 followers with an average viewership of approximately 84 people according to shrinkage tracker.

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His last major accomplishment with the team was winning Game Changers Series 1 in 2022 without losing a map.

Annie Bob’s replacement

Bob is a complete gamer from Australia who previously competed for Soniqs Esports in North America. She also appeared on several women’s lists in her time in the country and was released by Soniqs on March 28, 2022.

The new team will compete in the next Game Changers as early as June 20. The roster will compete for a place in the international Game Changers LAN tournament taking place on November 15 in Berlin.