Get the best wireless gaming keyboard for just $59

Get the best wireless gaming keyboard for just $59

Our favorite wireless gaming keyboard, the logitech g613, it’s currently discounted to just $59, down from $150. The price cut only applies to refurbished models, but they’re rated A, meaning they’re in near mint condition and come with a 100% return policy. 30 days. The Logitech G613 is one of the best gaming keyboards of 2022 as it wins our top pick when it comes to wireless gaming keyboards. You won’t find a better wireless keyboard at this price, so here’s hoping this deal sells out.

If you’re looking for a smaller wireless keyboard that’s more suitable for mobile devices, consider checking out this one. travel Keyboard, currently discounted to $55. It’s not the gaming behemoth that the Logitech G613 is, but its built-in notch for tablets and smartphones makes it a versatile choice for frequent travelers.

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After choosing the Logitech G613, check out some of our other listings to complete your PC gaming setup. We have detailed breakdowns of the best gaming mice and the best gaming headsets. And if you’re looking for something new to play on your PC, take a look at our picks for the best PC games in 2022.

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