Halo Infinite Devs Address Backlash Over Surprise Store Bundle Price Increase

Halo infinity store front

Halo players have expressed their unhappiness with an unexpected increase in the price of armor plating microtransactions. While 343 justified the change citing rarity, players aren’t convinced.

Microtransactions are always a source of frustration for players. Since its initial release, players have been disappointed with the high prices that 343 asked for to purchase bundle packs and even individual items.

After much protest, it seemed that the developers were willing to listen to feedback from the community and had even expressed a desire to lower prices and make customization more accessible.

However, it seems that they have taken a backward turn on this sentiment. The players have aired on social media in what is apparently an increase in the price of items purchasable in the Halo Infinite store.

Community Director Brian Jarrad detailed that this increase was not a general increase, but for the package and specific items. described as “rare”.

Jarrad added that community feedback regarding microtransaction pricing has been heard and acknowledged, but it will take time to implement.

“I’m not here to justify it in any way, just to explain how the model currently works. Player feedback and more importantly player actions is how the team continues to learn and evolve.” he said.

While previous Halo titles like Halo 5 Guardians featured some form of microtransactions, Halo Infinite has put a much greater emphasis on the system.

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Historically, Halo multiplayer has always featured a long list of unlockable content for players to work through. Some require hours and hours of play. However, most items can always be unlocked without requiring any additional payment.

With multiplayer unlockables sharply reduced in Halo Infinite, this increase in customization and exclusive paid armor has become much more apparent.

343 Industries

Halo Infinite has a litany of microtransactions.

The release of Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves last month brought some players back to the title.

However, with so much content still missing from the game, such as the co-op campaign, players believe this price increase is a deaf move from 343, which is already struggling to maintain its support.