Internet Explorer is officially dead

Internet Explorer is officially dead

Internet Explorer, the browser that introduced many consumers to the concept of Internet browsing, is being retired. Microsoft shifted its energies towards supporting Microsoft Edge since 2015, but now the company is officially withdrawing support and will guide remaining IE users towards Edge browser.

the edge reports that in the coming months, any of the few users still using IE will receive a message redirecting them to Edge. After that, a future Windows update will permanently disable Internet Explorer. However, the spirit of IE will live on, as Edge has its own “IE mode”, in order to support older web applications that require Internet Explorer. Microsoft will continue to support IE mode until at least 2029.

Most consumers have moved away from IE, with the browser now commanding less than half of one percent of all market share. Google Chrome is by far the highest, at around 65% according to stat counter. But companies and even countries that have been slow to change could be affected by this change. Some government agencies in Japan, such as the Japan Pension Service, still require Edge IE mode.

However, for better or worse, Internet Explorer is a big part of Internet history and another part of the legacy of older Internet tools that are disappearing, like Flash. Internet Explorer was the default browser for the most common operating system for years, and as a result, it’s how many people first experienced the Internet. So take a moment today in memory of the browser that is, like all things, dust in the wind.

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