Kingdom Hearts 4 Might Have Fewer Disney Worlds Because Of The Game’s Graphics

Kingdom Hearts 4 Might Have Fewer Disney Worlds Because Of The Game's Graphics

After the long intervals between the initial announcement of kingdom hearts 3 and the advancement of information trickling down over the following years, fans have been hesitant to build up their excitement for the newly revealed kingdom hearts 4. However, a recent interview has begun to shed some light on which characters could appear in kingdom hearts 4and even which Disney worlds might start to appear.

In a recent interview conducted by Game Informer, kingdom hearts 4 Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura sat down to talk about what players can expect from the newest game in the series and how he could improve this title. Considering that Nomura has continued to lead the development of the entire kingdom hearts series, his direct word is one of the most important in Square Enix.


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When asked how much Disney content will be an integral part of future titles, Nomura commented that kingdom hearts 4 it will feel different than previous entries in the series on this front. One reason for this change, according to Nomura, is that the higher graphical fidelity of newer titles has become a deciding factor by which Disney properties could fit visually into the latest titles. kingdom hearts games. Specifically, Nomura comments that “As for the graphical qualities…because with each new title, the specs have really gone up and there’s so much more we can do in terms of graphics, it kind of limits the number of worlds we have.” “. can create in a sense.” So this doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a place for Disney worlds in the next kingdom heartsonly the selection is shorter.

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While this might sound like Nomura is preparing fans for the phasing out of Disney content, the developer confirms that these iconic worlds will still be a part of the series. Leave the details on which Disney worlds will be in kingdom hearts 4, but it doesn’t completely rule out the use of these worlds in the next step of the story. So there will be at least some amount of Disney representation in the series, even if this same guarantee doesn’t extend to Final Fantasy characters who come to kingdom hearts 4.

Considering how iconic Disney worlds have become for the kingdom hearts series, it would be strange to see worlds start to disappear from games altogether. However, at the other end of that reading, charts that have already been updated in kingdom hearts 3 can give an odd appearance when adapting Disney’s stylized 2D artwork in Unreal Engine 4 or 5. So taking this graphical fidelity limiting factor into account might be the best thing to do to ensure that kingdom hearts continues to maintain modern game development.

kingdom hearts 4 is currently under development.

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