Lost Ark: Another wave of bans is imminent, but is that enough?

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Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark is still enjoying some popularity four months after its release in the West. Unfortunately, this cannot be determined directly from the number of active players, because the regions in North America in particular are almost flooded with bots. A large number of bots can also be spotted in Europe, especially in the initial areas, and in some regions players currently have to fight a queue of over 10,000 “people” to even get into the game. Some players claim that there are currently around 600,000 bot accounts logging into the game on a daily basis.

Bots make up a large part of Lost Ark’s player base

Smilegate itself recently celebrated 800,000 active players for their MMO in the west, which caused some displeasure, especially among users in the game’s forums and on Reddit. After all, the number of actual real players is much smaller and the bot debacle has been going on for a few weeks now. Amazon itself has already taken a few steps against this and blocks several thousand bots again and again, but unfortunately this has not improved the overall situation.

Now, community manager Roxx has one on the title’s official forums further bot ban wave announced, which aims to improve the gaming experience in Lost Ark a bit. Of course, with such a large-scale ban wave, there is a chance that some players could accidentally get banned. If this happens, Roxx calls for contacting the game’s support.

“Our fight against the bots is still ongoing and as part of this we wanted to let you know that we are launching a new large-scale ban wave in the coming week. Although we ban bots daily, you can expect this large ban wave with a significant change in the Expect player numbers and significantly reduced queues over time.”

Amazon has already blocked numerous bot accounts in such an action in the past, but they returned within a few days. Again, it can be assumed that the situation will only improve for a few days. According to Roxx, however, Smilegate and Amazon are working on additional tools and methods to remove bots from the game.

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Problems with bots are present in almost every MMORPG, but in Lost Ark (buy now €19.99) the situation is probably a little more extreme. Because of the monetization of the game, a not inconsiderable number of players spend real money on third-party websites in order to obtain gold in the game. By doing so, they then buy equipment, gems, and numerous other things, which shakes the economy of the game a bit. While Amazon also offers an in-game way to buy gold for real money, this gives players significantly less gold for their money.