PlayStation 5 Pro controller leaked and “coming soon” with paddles

arte oficial de la consola y el controlador ps5

According to a leak, a new official PS5 “Pro” controller with removable triggers, back buttons, and analog sticks could be coming soon.

The PlayStation 5 DualSense is one of the most revered controllers in all of gaming. The controller became an instant classic for its advanced design with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Now, according to a new report, Sony is planning to release an advanced customizable version of DualSense for expert gamers.


The PS5 launched in November 2020.

PS5 “Pro” controller on the way

the the leak comes from Tom Henderson who labeled the new device a “genuine professional controller”.

The code name used for it is “Hunt”. The main difference between the base DualSense and the new version is that the “Hunt” will have flexible paddles on the back and will offer customization options on all major controller components.

The analog sticks will be completely removable and will have grips on the handles that can also be removed.

Henderson later added of the analog stick removal: “It removes the entire analog unit, which means you can presumably replace just the unit rather than the entire controller if you develop stick drift or any other issues.”

The Pro version will also have “significant” software updates, though exactly what that is remains to be seen. Pricing for the controller has yet to be determined, but the Pro controller will likely be above the $70 asking price for the current version of the DualSense.

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As for a release date, “Hunt” will be revealed “soon” according to Henderson, and could even show up in late June alongside a handful of other Sony hardware.