PS Plus Premium brings a convenience feature that was long overdue

PS Plus Premium brings a convenience feature that was long overdue

It will still be a few days before the new PS Plus is launched here, but the service has already started in some other countries. As such, we already know quite a bit about it, not least many of the games that will be in the PS Plus Extra and Premium library.

A small but fine Quality-of-Life improvement has now appeared, which will ensure that you no longer have to keep a close eye on the additions to the PS Plus games. (via pushsquare)

PS5 informs you about new Plus games

In concrete terms, this means that the PS5 will notify you as soon as a game from your wish list is added to PS Plus Extra or Premium. So far, this option is only available for games that are currently discounted, so it’s definitely a welcome addition. With a library of over 700 games, it can’t be that easy to keep track of what’s coming and going. This way you can at least stay informed if a game that you would like to try migrates to the service and then you don’t have to buy it additionally – at least if you have subscribed to the more expensive PS Plus Extra or Premium models.

The list of all known games so far can be found below. In addition to the officially announced titles, the games that were included in the US launch are also marked:

The service currently only seems to be available on the PS5, so PS4 owners must continue to be informed in a roundabout way. In addition, it is probably explicitly about the games on your wish list, so you will not be generally informed about all arrivals and departures. So it pays to actually keep your list up to date.

Everything you need to know about PS Plus

We will know exactly what the new PS Plus will look like from June 23rd, when the service will also start in Germany. All information about prices, games and the different models of PS Plus can be found in our dedicated information article. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the latest PS Plus games, you can find them here.

How about you, do you use the wishlist for PlayStation games or will you do so in the future?