Ranked Apex Legends players find the perfect solo queue solution

Apex legends squad

A group of Apex Legends players have created a website that should help solo players find more reliable teammates for Ranked.

Since Apex Legends is a battle royale built around team play, it can be incredibly difficult for individual players to find random good teammates online.

With the introduction of Season 13’s Ranked Reloaded, which brought changes like demotion, rookie level, and big changes to how players earn RP, succeeding as a solo player in Ranked has become much more difficult.

Now, a group of Apex Legends players is looking to fix this problem by creating a website that allows players to easily find trustworthy teammates to play online.

Apex Legends players build a website to find teams

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Finding a reliable squad of players as a solo queue player can prove extremely difficult, especially when playing in Ranked mode.

Reddit User’blackout‘ made the announcement in the apex legends subreddit, where they revealed a website called TEAMS.gg.

The Reddit post includes a short clip showing off some of the website’s features, including a preferred legend picker, skill level indicator, and more.

Regarding the website, Blackoutlol said, “We all know that soloQing can be quite stressful (especially when stuck with a toxic one)…and with all the recent ranking changes, we feel like there should be a better way to find teammates. . We want to help you find the best Apex duo or trio and create lasting friendships…”

on the surface, TEAMS.gg it looks pretty awesome with a sleek design and tons of quality of life features that should help players find other like-minded players in Apex Legends.

SoloQ is hard, especially with the new ranking changes! So my friends and I built a better way to find a duo or trio for Apex. Let us know what you think! of apex legends

Apparently, the website also uses its own algorithm that tracks “information you give and statistics we get from the game” to help match players.

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There has been no shortage of criticism towards the Season 13 Ranked Reloaded system since its release.

Many players, like Twitch streamer NICKMERCS, have noted how this new system makes it difficult for solo players to succeed in Apex Legends Ranked.

Individual players interested in finding better random teammates should consider giving this new website a try as it could change the way they play Apex Legends Ranked from now on.