Street Fighter 6: Fei Long’s absence is not due to rumors of problems with Bruce Lee

Street Fighter 6: Fei Long's absence is not due to rumors of problems with Bruce Lee

street fighter 6 is in the spotlight in the fighting game community with many eager to learn more from Capcom. In the wake of street fighter 6 news, many are wondering about the current state of Street Fighter character Fei Long and the alleged involvement of Bruce Lee’s estate. After much speculation, Capcom appears to address the situation surrounding Fei Long.

street fighter 6 is the latest game in the prolific fighting game series and the first fighting game to use Capcom’s RE Engine. Series veterans like Ryu and Chun-Li collide with younger, up-and-coming prospects like Luke and Jamie. Also, street fighter 6 features brand new modes like Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub. These modes will revolutionize the traditional fighting game experience and continue to offer core modes such as Arcade and Training modes. Following the recent reveal of Guile, Capcom confirmed plans to share more news about street fighter 6 later this year.


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This past May, street fighter 5 composer David Lindholm suggested that Fei Long will no longer appear in the future Street Fighter games due to the intervention of Bruce Lee’s estate. However, Bruce Lee’s estate commented on the matter, stating that there was no directive to prevent Fei Long from appearing in future games. During the Summer Games Festival, street fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama told Eurogamer that there are no legal issues involving Fei Long. Recent rumors about the possible involvement of Bruce Lee’s heirs are false.

Since there are no legal issues surrounding Fei Long, the character remains open for a return in the future. Unfortunately, Nakayama says that she can’t tell if she will come to street fighter 6 Or not. street fighter 6 Concept art leaks suggest that Fei Long will not be on the base roster. Fei Long’s last appearance in the main line Street Fighter the series was on Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Nakayama clearing the air on the Fei Long and Bruce Lee situation is reassuring for fans of the Street Fighter character. It is not clear if Fei Long will appear in street fighter 6, but the potential for DLC is limitless in fighting games. During the course of street fighter 5 lifecycle, Capcom listened to player feedback and greatly improved the title. Finally, street fighter 5 DLC characters like Akira from rival schools It turned out to be a dream come true for many fans.

Although Fei Long’s return is not set in stone for street fighter 6the game seems to be moving in the right direction for the series. street fighter 6 it seeks to offer compelling content for fighting game players and is likely to be supported by Capcom for many years to come.

street fighter 6 releases in 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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