Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shredder’s Revenge Test

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shredder's Revenge Test


For many beat ’em up fans, Turtles in Time is one of the best the genre has ever produced. Shredders Revenge doesn’t set any new milestones, but thanks to a lot of fan service it’s still worth it.

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For many decades they have belonged to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) stuck to pop culture. Originally, the story revolved around the four mutant turtles Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird conceived and first published in comic form. But Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello celebrated their real breakthrough with the cartoon series that started in 1987. It wasn’t just the cool title song, sung by Frank Zander, that was brilliant. The alienation from the bloody, serious comic template was more than good for the implementation. The turtles quickly established themselves on television thanks to their child-friendly visuals, the nice slapstick humor and the illustrious opponents.

Such a success naturally entails various adaptations, successors and more. For example, there are various live-action films that came across as rather gloomy. And some video game conversions of the material followed, sometimes more, sometimes less well. Commonly considered a classic, however, the beat-em-up definitely counts Turtles in Time for the SNES. Not only was the mood of the original captured well, but the action and overall gameplay also won players over.

With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shredder’s Revenge Publisher DotEmu and developer Tribute Games are now launching a new title that wants to tickle your nostalgia nerves in many ways. A classic pixelated beat ’em up starring the four iconic turtles – doesn’t that sound like a hit? But before you unpack your skateboards and head to the nearest video game store, read through my review and watch the video linked above, then you’ll know more about whether Shredder’s Revenge is really something for you.

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I level up, beat up a foot soldier and his colleague has nothing better to do than eat ice cream.

beating like before

Even the first steps should feel more than familiar for all genre fans. You run from left to right and have to beat up tons of Foot soldiers. Your goal is always the hunt for the talking brain Krang from dimension X and the old tin can Shredder is not immune to your anger.

It’s hit with normal attacks that you can chain into a combo. If you stand close enough to an enemy, your character will grab them and throw them into the next horde or just off the screen. You can also hit with super attacks, but your ninja power bar must be full for this. This is done by landed hits, but beware: if you pocket yourself, the bar will reset again.

But I was a bit disappointed with the levels that play on a glider. Unlike for example Battletoads (In the test, grade: 7.5) you don’t have to dodge obstacles here, but in the end you fight on foot just like in the regular sections. Here the developers give away too much potential for my taste.

Unfortunately, the hoverboard sections are a bit poor.


In addition to the classic gameplay, another argument should be particularly effective: the immense nostalgia factor in combination with the fan service. Even smaller villains from the series template like Baxter Stockman or the Alligator Lederkopf stand in your way. But of course Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang and Shredder are not missing either.

The boss fights are naturally also the highlights of the game, even if they vary in quality. I found the Pied Piper particularly cool, who regularly calls the little rodents for help. My real highlight in terms of bosses comes just before the end of the game, so I won’t go into it further for spoiler reasons. You don’t have to invest a lot of time to get there, however, after just three hours the credits flicker across the screen.

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But the fan service doesn’t stop with the choice of opponent and the locations. Dimension X, Coney Island, these places should be well known to Turtles fans. The intro alone should have tears of nostalgia falling on the pizza for all Turtles fans. And even if there is only a little spoken dialogue, the original English voice actors from the 1987 cartoon could actually be engaged. It’s a pity that there is no German language version!

Even with two players and a few opponents, the screen gets very crowded.

Multiplayer and technology

Of course it is very important for a beat-em-up that you can throw yourself at the bad guys in multiplayer. And Shredder’s Revenge allows games for up to six players. However, it should then become very confusing, even if two turtles are beating each other on the screen through the enemy masses, it quickly becomes confusing. But somehow that makes the fun of classic genre representatives, right?

I especially want to praise the graphics: the characters and backgrounds are beautifully pixelated and when the Foot soldiers relax with the Gameboy on Channel 6 or lick an ice cream cone in the zoo, it always made me smile. The action is suitably accompanied by snappy chiptune sounds penned by Tea Lopeswho already sonic mania set to music – a perfect combo!

Author: Dennis Hilla (GamersGlobal)

Opinion: Dennis Hilla

COWABUNGA, this is what a Turtles beat ’em up has to look like! Shredders Revenge should give all those who know the TV series nostalgic flashbacks, and you can see the developers’ love for the original on every corner. But even with the game itself, they consciously stick to the classics and dare few experiments. With three levels of difficulty, there should be something for every type of player, but the balancing seemed a bit messy to me. At the beginning of the middle level I didn’t have any problems, in the later levels it got really demanding – but at least it was never unfair!

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A little more unlockables would have been nice. A character and some points, which you get for leveling up characters by finding collectibles. This is really very manageable and motivates only to a limited extent to play again. The fun factor in multiplayer only helps to a limited extent. But what should please the really die-hards among you is the arcade mode. In this you simply replay the campaign, but only with a certain number of lives. No continues, no double bottom, if you mess it up that’s it. A nice challenge and a charming nod to the old days.

In short, beat ’em ups fans shouldn’t hesitate to grab it, and those who grew up on the adventures of the sewer toads can pick up a little nostalgia bite too. In the end, however, Shredders Revenge is a bit too focused on depicting old virtues to inspire in the long term.

Shredder’s Revenge personal computerswitchesXOnePS4


  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Precise, crisp control
  • Automatically running tutorial not ideal

Game Depth/Balance

  • Perfectly captured Turtles charm
  • Beat-em-up connoisseurs will find their way around immediately
  • Varied locations
  • Cool boss fights
  • Several different enemy types
  • Arcade mode for the die-hards
  • Level ups bring benefits
  • Just under three hours
  • Low replay value
  • Barely unlockables
  • Balancing towards the end not ideal


  • Chic pixel look
  • Gorgeous animations
  • Enemies occasionally glitch off the screen


  • Original English speakers
  • Great chiptune soundtrack by Tee Lopes
  • No German dubbing
  • Translation still has errors


  • Up to six players online or on one console
  • Fast entry and exit
  • Very confusing when several players are on the move



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