The Callisto Protocol is set to become a major franchise

The Callisto Protocol: "It takes that brutal, instinctive thrill to really pull you in" - Interview with Steve Papoutsis (1)

The Callisto Protocol, the new horror title from the makers of Dead Space, was one of the highlights of this year’s Summer Game Fest for many players. The game may not be out until December of this year, and players will have to decide for themselves whether they even like the title, but the development studio already has big plans for The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol could get various sequels

in one Interview with PCGamesN Chris Stone, chief creative officer at Striking Distance Studios, said the team wants to turn The Callisto Protocol into a proper franchise. Furthermore, there is currently no shortage of new ideas for a possible successor. However, the studio is currently 100 percent focused on The Calisto Protocol to make it the best game possible. However, as soon as the title goes over the counter, the team wants to think about possible successors.

The new horror game originally started as a spin-off to the battle royale PUBG, but over the course of development The Callisto Protocol turned into a standalone game.

“As we worked on the story, it grew bigger and bigger until it became clear that it was its own thing. The Callisto Protocol (buy now €69.99) is its own story, with its own characters, in its own universe.”

Although The Callisto Protocol is now a stand-alone game and can of course receive numerous sequels, fans of PUBG should still be able to find a few Easter eggs or the like in the game.

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“We love PUBG and will have a few surprises for fans of the franchise.”