The home screens of the PCGHX community: picture thread for smartphone users – reminder

The home screens of the PCGHX community: picture thread for smartphone users - reminder

from Thilo Bayer etc –
The smartphone is the daily companion of many PCGHX community members. It is therefore not surprising that many of the users adapt and redesign the user interface to their own wishes. Now there is a picture thread in the forum where you can marvel at the different designs.

In the gallery you will find entries from the Homescreen image thread for smartphone users. If you are looking for ideas for your home screen design or want to share your design with the community, then you are welcome in the home screen picture thread.

The image thread about home screens is quickly explained: Show the community what the user interface of your smartphone looks like. Forum members with a wide variety of devices and operating systems have already participated in the thread. Some users prefer simple backgrounds, others like it more colorful or rely on comic motifs. Which style do you prefer?

Have you also redesigned the design of your home screen or are you just looking for new ideas for your smartphone? Then we recommend taking a look at the home screen picture thread in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum: *** [ Zeigt her – Euren Homescreen ] ***

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