Woman Goes Viral On TikTok For Asking Robert Irwin Out, And Her Response Is Adorable

Robert Irwin tik tok comments

Robert Irwin is taking TikTok by storm after a woman recorded herself asking for his number, and his reaction was nothing short of wholesome.

It’s not every day you meet a celebrity and manage to film the encounter.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to TikToker Megan Grass, who visited Australia Zoo on June 14, the zoo owned and operated by the Irwin family. Yes, the Irvin family.

As we all know, the late great Steve Irwin passed away in 2006 due to a stingray incident. His wife, Terri Irwin, and his children, Robert and Bindi, now run the operation and still have their own show on Animal Planet called ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins.

Grass was visiting the Australia Zoo when he saw 18-year-old Robert doing his homework in an enclosure. She took the opportunity to shoot the shot at him, and it’s going viral.

“I think you’re so cute, and I was wondering if I could have your number!” she asked, as a smiling Robert approached her from below in the compound.

“Well, I’m very flattered,” he replied after a laugh. “Thank you, where are you from?”

After a bit of back and forth (where Grass claimed he was from Utah and Robert said it was “cool”), he urged her to send him a direct message on Instagram.

Grass claimed that she had already done so the day before to let him know she was coming to visit, prompting Robert to ask for her username: ‘Megan Grass’.

“Okay, I’ll look it up,” he assured her before returning to his duties… and commentators are taking his answer as a very polite “no.”

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@megangrass12 tiktok do your thing @Robert Irwin #fyp#australiazoo #crikey ♬ original sound – Megan Grass

“Bro (in the most polite way) said ‘no,'” one user said of the interaction.

“He said no in the best way,” said another.

“That probably made her day,” another commenter wrote.

TikTok: megagrass12

Commenters aren’t so sure Robert ever communicated with Megan on Instagram.

Megan’s video garnered over two million views after it was posted on June 14, asking people on the platform to “do your thing.”

Who knows, this could just be the start of a Hollywood-worthy romance… or just an adorable internet-only viral moment.