WoW: The coolest gadgets of all professions – this is how crafting is fun again

Most of the time, circle aiming isn't bad - but occasionally it can be annoying.

Years have passed since the developers last fundamentally modified the professions of World of Warcraft or even introduced a new craft in Azeroth. many years. As a result, a lot of dust has gathered on the numerous recipes and tools of once-diligent crafting enthusiasts. Nevertheless, that is by no means a reason to throw in the grain of the blacksmith’s hammer or the skinning knife – because the professions in World of Warcraft have a whole range of cool gadgets to offer that you may not even have on your radar anymore. And what’s even better: When the next WoW expansion Dragonflight comes out, not only will various character advancements apply account-wide, but you can even commission the production of various items from other players via a new NPC. The highlight: This also works for items that were originally soul-bound to their manufacturer. This will soon offer you a wealth of new options, fun gimmicks and cool gadgets that not only sweeten your life in Azeroth, but can also make it a lot easier.