343 Industries Apologizes For Offensively Named Halo Infinite Juneteenth Cosmetic

343 Industries Apologizes For Offensively Named Halo Infinite Juneteenth Cosmetic

Multiple developers at 343 Industries have apologized for a Halo Infinite Juneteenth cosmetic being named after an endangered ape, with creative lead Joseph Staten calling the mistake “inexcusable.”

The free cosmetic, which arrived on Tuesday as part of the in-game store’s weekly update, was meant to celebrate the federal holiday that marks the end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth’s dog tag when it first arrived had an optional color palette called Bonobo (an endangered species of great ape). This was quickly pointed out by the Halo content creator. Sean w.after which the emblem was renamed “Liberty”.

Senior Halo Community Manager John Junyszek apologized for the name on Twitter, stating that the name derives from a set of internal tools, but acknowledged that “it was not intended to apply to this content and we acknowledge the damage it may have caused.”

While the name was quickly changed, the damage had already been done. 343 Chief Industries bonnie-ross he said that the Halo studio and franchise are committed to “inclusion where everyone can be their true selves” and apologized “for making a celebrated moment a painful moment.” Staten, in his statement on Twitterhe said he was “embarrassed” 343 let the mistake happen.

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Bonobo is, in fact, an internal development tool that has been used in Halo since the Bungie era of the franchise, as noted by Halo’s content creator. peppermint bombardment. However, that doesn’t explain how the name of an asset editing program used by 343 became the official name of an in-game cosmetic. The various developers who have publicly apologized for the bug have not elaborated on how the bug occurred or what the studio will do to prevent similar bugs from occurring in the future.

Halo Infinite received its first mid-season “Drop Pod” update on Tuesday, bringing changes to ranked matchmaking, bug fixes, and tweaks to in-game vehicles.

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