A Pokémon fan changes the color of Dragonite to make it more in line with Dragonair

A Pokémon fan changes the color of Dragonite to make it more in line with Dragonair

A Pokemon fan changes Dragonite’s color to more closely match Dragonair, as Dragonite’s color is nothing like its previous forms.

When it comes to evolutions in Pokemon, most monsters follow a fairly logical evolutionary path. Many Pokémon start out as cute, childish creatures before evolving into something bigger, meaner, and more combat-ready, though they tend to retain some of their characteristics regardless. This can usually include a color scheme, although a Pokémon curiously has nothing in common with its predecessor: Dragonite.

As part of the first generation of Pokémon, Dragonite is a pseudo-legendary Dragon/Flying-type that often appears in the long-running anime series. While Dragonite has yet to be confirmed as a returning Pokemon in scarlet and violet pokemonThe first trailer for the highly anticipated game shows off a Dratini water source, bringing the possibility of Dratini and thus the inclusion of Dragonite.


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A Reddit user with the username u/Chocoa_the_Bunny is receiving hundreds of likes for his careful Dragonite color change. The two previous Pokémon forms, Dratini and Dragonair, have a nearly identical color scheme, as well as a very similar appearance. They both have a snake-like appearance, with blue skin with a white underside and fins or wings adorning their heads. Dragonite’s color scheme is a light orange with a cream-colored underside and green wings, sharing no colors with his previous forms. the Pokemon fan addresses this, giving Dragonite a more logical color that reflects its previous evolutions.

Fan feedback approves of the color change, stating that the unified coloring is much more sensible. The Reddit user is not the only one who feels that there is a disjunction between the appearance of Dragonair and Dragonite, as another Pokemon fan has gone one step further to “fix” Dragonite. In addition to giving the pseudo-legendary Dragon/Flying a similar color change, another user named 5H1N0B1-2O gives Dragonite more of the characteristics present with Dragonair. The reworked version replaces Dragonite’s bat wings with white feather wings and restores the wings on the sides of its head present in its previous evolution.

While the strange color of Dragonite is basically immovable, many Pokemon fans are calling for the recolored version to be featured as a possible new shiny or even regional variant. However, this isn’t the only fan-made Pokemon variant idea catching on recently. artistically talented one Pokemon fan has created a new regional variant for Relicanth, giving the old Pokémon a significantly different appearance. The variant also receives a color scheme change, with reddish scales along with fearsome teeth and an appetite for Magikarp. While both redesigns are fanatical, Pokemon the developers have a lot of inspiration through their fan base.

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