A Pokemon fan gets a free Pokemon card from Random Stranger

A Pokemon fan gets a free Pokemon card from Random Stranger

A Pokémon fanatic gets a big surprise when he sees a fellow player, says hi, and ends up getting a free Pokémon card as a gift.

Pokemon It has been a huge part of many people’s lives over the years since its arrival in the 1990s, and many fans still love it as much as it did on day one. It can serve as a good springboard for conversation, with players discussing their favorite creatures and games within the series.

When Pokémon GO was at its height of popularity, it made it easy to spot mates Pokemon fans in the world. However, even outside the phenomenon of Pokémon GO, sometimes players get lucky and notice other Pokémon trainers in real life. Such was the case of a lucky Pokemon fan, whose kind compliment ended up being rewarded with a special gift.


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Redditor Death961 took to the platform to send a shout out to a fellow fan they met in real life. According to the Redditor, they were visiting the Hollywood Bowl when they saw another Pokemon fan carrying a Bulbasaur bag and a Pokemon T-shirt. Death961 greeted them and congratulated them on their Pokemon team, when to his surprise, the stranger pulled out a cover of Pokemon cards and offered to choose one at random as a gift.

Death961 ended up taking out a holographic card of Lugia from the pokemon celebrations TCG 25th Anniversary Release. They were delighted with their selection and wanted to share the experience with other fans in the Pokemon subreddit, as well as offering a public thank you to the giver. Other users were impressed and envious of the encounter, with some sharing their fondness for the Pokémon in particular.

It is not known why chance Pokemon fan chose to perform this act of kindness, but it is a touching moment nonetheless. While it’s very likely that the cards they offered were duplicates, giving away a free card that they might otherwise have played or sold is a nice gesture. It’s almost like a moment out of one of the games or anime, as the main character sometimes receives random items and Pokémon just by talking to NPCs.

Although the original Pokemon the games did not plan to include multiplayer battles, it has been a core aspect of the series since the original release. With fans trading and battling Pokemon alongside friends and strangers alike, the series has a way of bringing people together who might not have much else in common. With Pokemon scarlet and violet By including cooperative multiplayer for the first time in the main game series, players will have even more ways to play with friends or make new ones.

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