All New Skins Coming With The Apex Awakening Collection Event

All New Skins Coming With The Apex Awakening Collection Event

Prepare your bags Appendix legends fans. A new collection event is just around the corner and it’s packed with cosmetics for players to unlock.

Respawn Entertainment introduced the new Awakening Collection Event today and it is scheduled to arrive in Battle Royale on June 21. Like previous collection events, the Awakening event will feature 24 cosmetic items that players can unlock for 2,400 Crafting Metals or 1,800 Appendix coins

The theme of this event is “Monsters vs. Mechs”, as shown in the event trailer. Legendary skins for Rampart, Horizon, Loba, Ashe, Seer, Mad Maggie, and Fuse will be available and feature the Legends in either anime or monster outfits. Additionally, the trailer showcased colorful epic skins for Caustic and Gibraltar.

Screenshot via Comeback Entertainment

Fans who aren’t interested in spending money during this event can still earn cosmetics through the event reward tracker by completing daily quests. There will be a total of 1,600 points available to earn each day, which will go toward rewards like Apex Packs, weapon charms and skins, and a rare skin for Pathfinder.

Lifeline will also be getting a legendary skin at some point based on her Stories from the Outlands video, “Family Business,” which dropped earlier this week. The look will be based on his heist casual attire in the video, with the Combat Medic wearing a “Flyer Liars” gang hoodie, a black zip-up jumpsuit, and an incognito mask. the skin leaked earlier this week, but its release date or price doesn’t appear on the Awakening Event Info Page.

Here are all the skins that come to Appendix with the Awakening event on June 21.

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All the skins that arrive of apex wake up event

wolf and fuse

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Ash and Crazy Maggie

Screenshot via Comeback Entertainment


Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment


Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

This article will be updated with names and more detailed looks at each skin when the event is added to the game on June 21.