Bryce Hall files legal action against drunk driver who wrecked his Tesla

Bryce Hall updates fans after car accident

TikTok star Bryce Hall is pressing charges against a drunk driver who sideswiped his Tesla on the night of June 12, wrecking the vehicle and leaving Hall with whiplash.

Bryce Hall shocked fans after posting a video showing his Tesla wrecked at an intersection in WeHo late at night on June 12.

Hall says he was hit broadside by a drunk driver who allegedly ran a red light. The collision destroyed his vehicle. Although Hall and company were fine, one of his passengers received a sprained wound to the arm.

TMZ reports claim the driver was twice over the legal blood alcohol limit. According to reports, he was arrested and charged with a DUI.

YouTube: The Daily Stardust

Paparazzi caught up with Bryce Hall at the scene of the accident.

Hall claims he would have been happy to let the driver go without charges…that is, until they argued that Bryce was wrong.

The TikToker discussed the matter in a June 16 YouTube vlog, where he revealed that he is filing charges against the driver based on that very statement.

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@brycehallgood thing we had a nurse on board♬ why famous people use this LMAO – quix 😉

“I wasn’t even going to take it to trial,” he explained. “I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt and have his insurance pay for a new car for me.”

“So he and his little passengers had the audacity to say it was my fault and they were going to get a lawyer,” he continued. “See you in court, friend.”

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Hall issued a warning against drinking and driving, urging his viewers to simply “take an Uber” to save lives and potentially avoid getting into trouble.

“We could have died,” Hall added.

This is not the first time that Hall has had to take legal action during her career as a high-profile online artist; last year, the TikToker claimed that she was pressing charges against San Diego State University’s SAE fraternity after a college party turned too violent.

For now, we’re glad Bryce is safe and sound… but his Tesla probably isn’t.