Diablo Immortal Streamer Spending Exceeds $20,000 Without Legendary Gem

Diablo Immortal Streamer Spending Exceeds $20,000 Without Legendary Gem

When immortal devil Streamer Quin69 told viewers that the road to $20,000 had begun during one of his streams last week, few could have predicted that it would come to an end. After all, the odds that he had already spent more than NZ$10,000 on immortal devil without getting a single 5/5 star legendary gem already seemed pretty unlikely. Sadly though, the streamer’s luck hasn’t improved one bit since then.

Eight days and countless Rifts later, Quin69 has now hit another unlikely milestone, with his most recent stream well over the NZ$20,000 mark. Unfortunately for him, because of the way he immortal devilThe controversial pity system works, you’re still no closer to getting one of the elusive 5/5 star legendary gems than when you first started spending.


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In just a few short weeks, Quin69 has spent a staggering NZ$20,915.82 without earning a single 5/5-star Legendary Gem. Since the optimal build would require six of those gems, you still have a long way to go to reach perfection. In fact, it now appears that the Bellular News YouTube channel’s claims that it could cost around $110,000 to fully kit out on immortal devil it may actually have been a massive understatement on his part.

Of course, to say that Quin69 hasn’t gained anything from the experience would be a bit inaccurate. For one thing, the streamer has garnered thousands of new followers on his social media since rising to notoriety, which will no doubt have helped finance his costly new addiction. It also has a nice OP setup on immortal devilas evidenced by his daily raids in the game’s PvP.

NZ$20,000 may not be enough to guarantee a 5/5 star legendary gem, but you can still buy some pretty decent gear. As a result, Quin69 can regularly rack up double-digit killstreaks on immortal devilHowever, given how much you’ve spent on the game and its pay-to-win nature, this is perhaps to be expected. His viewers are always quick to remind him, with comments like “well paid” and “well paid” flooding the chat whenever he brags about his achievements.

Some have even gone so far as to brand Quin69 as part of the problem, arguing that his reckless spending can encourage impressionable viewers to gamble with money they can’t afford to lose, while also serving as a justification for those behind the fraud. aggressive monetization of the game. . Others have raised concerns about the streamer’s mental health, not just the tens of thousands of dollars he has now squandered on immortal devil but also to the anger he often shows when things don’t go his way in the game.

immortal devil It is available on Mobile and PC.

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