Exoprimal really has nothing to do with Dino Crisis

Exoprimal really has nothing to do with Dino Crisis

exoprimal has nothing with dinosaur crisis to do, and maybe it’s better that way. After all, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that a new Dino Crisis awaits us one day? When Exoprimal was announced, many Capcom fans thought some sort of Dino Crisis might be flickering across the screen. But that is definitely not the case.

When the game was announced, it quickly became clear that the Sci-Fi Shooter doesn’t go quite in the direction that we’re used to from the “Dino Crisis” series. And yet there were big question marks over the heads of the viewers when the dinosaurs were seen.

Since the announcement, there have been some inconsistencies since then. It wasn’t entirely clear what kind of game it was. Will it be a free 2 play game now? Or even a live service game?

IGN recently teamed up with Producer Ichiro Kiyokawa talk and learn something.

What is Exoprimal game?

Below that he confirms the information that “Exoprimal” will not be a free-2-play game. There will be a lot more regular full price game: it appears quite normally in physical and digital form.

On top of that, they directly asked if there would be any connection to the popular Dino Crisis franchise. And the answer is a very clear no:

“No, the game is a standalone thing and has no connection to Dino Crisis.”

In addition, it would sufficiently differ from the “Monster Hunter” franchise. The essential differences are action approachwhich is designed from the ground up to be different from all Capcom franchises.

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In contrast to Monster Hunter, in “Exoprimal” we don’t compete against an overpowering enemy, we notice it much more a horde of enemies to do what in turn on-line is possible. And that is the basic concept behind the game.

“Once we settled our gameplay concept, dinosaurs were the first idea that came up for the enemies. […] I thought it would be fun to experience a menace from history’s most fearsome predators and that if there were hundreds or thousands of them, it would be of unprecedented intensity.”

This idea then seamlessly transitioned into the thought that due to the overpowering threat they tended to more futuristic technology would have to put.

The gameplay hides a PvPvE concept. So there will be several teams into one arena thrown, which then turn hostile AI in hordes is released.

So in “Exoprimal” the PvE focus is definitely given. The producer explains that they wanted to prioritize that (unlike other games in the genre).

Exoprimal is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and release sometime in 2023.