Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis gets new trailer, closed beta for Android and iOS

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis screenshot. Cloud and Barret are fighting the Scorpion Sentinel in the Mako Reactor from the beginning of Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix has revealed a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Always Crisis on Android and iOS during your special final fantasy VII 25th anniversary broadcast.

First introduced in February 2021, always crisis is a rolling recount of the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix’s long-running metaseries surrounding final fantasy VII. As such, always crisis will cover the original final fantasy VIIas well as the prequels core of the crisis Y before the crisis and the aftermath children advent Y Funeral song of Cerberus. Notably, children advent it’s a movie, so this will be the first time that story has been told in a game.

In the new trailer, we get a closer look at all these old games (and movies) in action. like the original final fantasy VII, always crisis features combat based on the Active Time Battle system, a form of turn-based gameplay. In battles, the visuals are fully 3D, while the character models outside of combat are blocks reminiscent of the original. final fantasy VII. Character portraits and other artwork have been drawn by Lisa Fujise.

Key members of the original final fantasy VII The team is also involved, including Tetsuya Nomura (original co-writer and character designer) as creative director, Kazushige Nojima (original co-writer) as screenwriter, and Yoshinori Kitase (original director) as producer.

always crisis It will be free to play on mobile with in-app purchases for loot boxes, which will contain random weapons and costumes. Curiously, while the game’s co-developer has reported a September release, CyberAgent, Square Enix did not confirm a date during the broadcast. Instead, it simply said that a closed beta test will take place later this year.

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it should be noted that always crisis is one of the two remakes of Final Fantasy. The other, appropriately titled Final Fantasy VII Remake, is a multi-game project to reimagine the events of the original PlayStation classic. The second installment of Redo Serie, Renaissancewas also unveiled during the anniversary broadcast, as was a new version of core of the crisis.

Image Credit: Square Enix