Fire Emblem: Big leak – is the next part ready yet?

Fire Emblem: Big leak - is the next part ready yet?

Apparently, a new and previously unannounced FireEmblem leaked on the web. In addition to numerous screenshots, the development studio has already been named, the main character described and a new gameplay mechanism discussed. The leak originally came from Emily Rogers.

Fire Emblem’s 30th Anniversary

According to her, the new Fire Emblem should not be a remake, but a completely new part of the series. Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo and Gust are said to be collaborating on this project, which was originally released as an anniversary title for the Fire Emblem’s 30th Anniversary was planned. In addition, the game is said to have been since finished in over a year. These rumors were confirmed by another user on Reddit, who promptly presented alleged screenshots from the new Fire Emblem. The images show numerous new characters, but no particularly concise scenes from the game.

The main character of the game is said to have blue and red hair, which is confirmed by the Reddit user’s screenshots. The Reddit user also noted that a remake of FireEmblem 4 to be in development. However, there was no further information on this.

Old heroes in a new guise

The new “Emblems” mechanism was mentioned as a gameplay trick. With this it should be possible for the players to call characters from previous Fire Emblem games into battle. This might fit the original idea of ​​an Anniversary title. The new Fire Emblem title has not yet been officially announced. It is currently being speculated that there could be a Nintendo Direct in June. On this, Nintendo would have the opportunity to confirm the leak with an announcement.

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