Fortnite: Pickaxe from Battle Pass causes trouble – Epic Games reacts

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Epic Games has disabled a pickaxe in Fortnite. As it turns out, there was an exploit on the Dragon Rune Lance that made it a pay-to-win item.

Cary, North Carolina – One could blame Fortnite for a few things. So far, however, an accusation of pay-to-win has not been one of them. Everything that fans can buy in the battle royale shop is usually strictly cosmetic. In a recent case, however, Epic Games has slipped through an item that can benefit fans who own it. An unfair exploit was noticed on a pickaxe from the Fortnite Battle Pass.

name of the game Fortnite
release July 21, 2017
Publishers EpicGames
developer Epic Games, People Can Fly
platform PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android
genre Battle Royale

Fortnite: Pickaxe becomes a pay-to-win item with a new exploit – Epic Games must intervene

What kind of pickaxe is that? The mining tool is the Dragon Rune Lance, which is new to the Battle Pass in Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite. Many of the new items in the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 3 are rather underwhelming in the eyes of the fans, but Star Wars legend Darth Vader, Indiana Jones and also the new character Malik make the new pass fun. The Dragon Rune Lance is also enjoying some popularity now, but not just because it looks fancy. A newly discovered exploit gives unexpected benefits to players who use it.

Fortnite: Dragon Rune Lance Disabled – Pickaxe came with Pay-to-Win Exploit

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How does the exploit work? The good thing about the Dragon Rune Lance exploit, which is absolutely unfair, is that you don’t really have to do anything to use it. All you have to do is have the pickaxe equipped and in hand. The effect is as simple as it is effective: as long as you hold the Dragon Rune Lance in your hand, the character no longer makes any running noises and moves in practically complete silence. Especially in duels and when sneaking up, this can bring an enormous advantage for the player. So if you buy the Battle Pass, you get a pay-to-win item. Videos on YouTube show the effect in action.

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Epic Games has already taken action and removed the pickaxe from Fortnite. There’s a good chance that the Cary, North Carolina-based developer studio will just do a quick fix on the Dragon Rune Lance and then unlock it right away. We think it is unlikely that she will be permanently missing from Fortnite. For the moment, however, the pickaxe remains unusable.

Fortnite: More new features in Season 3 – powerful weapons without pay-to-win

What else is new in Season 3 of Fortnite? The new Battle Pass isn’t the only thing Epic Games has brought to Fortnite in Season 3. With the season “Vibin” a big party takes place on the map of the Battle Royale. Roller coasters, dance floors, loud music, all this can be found in the new season. Also new are the reality seedlings, which can give you new mythical weapons in Fortnite. They’re extremely strong, but at least they’re not pay-to-win, unlike the removed Pickaxe.

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