Game Pass reminded me of a game I’ve wanted to play since December

Well, Tobi, didn't you want to play the chorus?

Well, Tobi, didn’t you want to play the chorus?

Game Pass is getting a little scary for me. Not only do games appear there with an almost frightening regularity that I would have liked to catch up on anyway, but now the service also acts as a kind of reminder for me.

I put some titles on my internal to-do list, but then simply forgot about them over the months – or even years. Fishlab Games’ Chorus is just such an example. I took a closer look at it more than two years ago at a preview event and was fascinated by the space ball even then.

Tobias Veltin

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First noted – and then forgotten

When the game came out in December 2022, Dennis was pretty excited about Chorus in his review, confirming pretty much all the hopes I had for Chorus. But because I was on the go a lot in Halo Infinite at the time, I put the title on my list just mentioned. And then forget him.

Now, a few days ago, while scrolling through the Game Pass overview on the Xbox dashboard, my eyes caught on the Chorus tile. And the memory shot through my brain like a bolt of lightning. Seconds later I started the download and I’m already looking forward to throwing myself into space over the weekend.

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By the way, you can watch the test video for Chorus here:

Chorus - test video for the space hit


Chorus – test video for the space hit

Why I really wanted to play chorus – and maybe you should too

I’m a big fan of vintage and linear space ballers like Star Wars Rogue Squadron or Lylat Wars, both of which made my N64 glow. A ship, a few weapons and umpteen enemies in the darkness of space – that’s all I needed to be happy.

Chorus promises me exactly that. Space action without a lot of frills including various possibilities to upgrade my ship, which should then provide a certain long-term motivation. There is also a story about pilot Nara and her spaceship Forsaken, which according to Dennis is said to be a bit confused, but which speaks to me in a strange way with Nara’s dark sectarian past.

Since the whole thing should also be presented technically, Chorus should be a game that I should like all around. And if you’ve also celebrated the games I mentioned in the past, you should probably check out Chorus as well. Maybe you’ll get a reminder from Game Pass too.

Have you already played chorus and can you understand my anticipation?