GTA 6: Donald Trump as President – ​​fans have clear ideas

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Rockstar Games is working on GTA 6, but what the game will look like is not yet known. Now fans want ex-president Donald Trump to come into play.

New York – Fans are eagerly awaiting the next Grand Theft Auto title: GTA 6. Rockstar Games is already working on it, but it will probably be a while before it is released. After all, fans haven’t even seen a trailer, let alone found out a concrete release date. Nevertheless, fans are already speculating about what could and should be included in the next GTA. One big wish: Donald Trump.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)
release TBA
Publishers Rockstar Games
developer Rockstar North
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
genre Action adventure, open world

GTA 6: fans want Donald Trump in the next game – should become president

Donald Trump in GTA: A few days ago, a post appeared on Reddit that probably opened the eyes of many fans. Inside was a picture of GTA character Donald Love. This one seems vaguely based on Donald Trump, who wasn’t yet the ex-President of the United States when the game came out, but was still an entrepreneur. Just like Donald Trump, Donald Love ended up in politics and players had to carry out some awkward assignments for Love. So fans in GTA 3 had to betray and kill one of the main characters – at the behest of Donald Love. In Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, it’s even revealed that Love is a cannibal.

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Of course, it has never been officially confirmed that Donald Love is based on Donald Trump. But with Love appearing in three Grand Theft Auto titles and already trying to become mayor of Liberty City, fans are now wondering how much influence the real Donald Trump will have on GTA 6. After all, GTA 6 is supposed to play in the current time, so the former President of the United States could definitely play a big role.

GTA 6: Donald Trump as President – fans are celebrating the idea

What fans say about the idea: The post has already received 774 upvotes on Reddit and sparked a discussion. So fans are already dreaming of seeing the former US President in GTA 6. Mickyxo7 says: “Imagine if he were the President of GTA 6.” The_WereArcticFox responds: “That would be hilarious!

GTA 6: Donald Trump in the next game – fans want presidents back

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So fans are celebrating Donald Trump’s idea in GTA 6, after all Rockstar Games would certainly take every opportunity to tease the ex-president properly. In addition, it would probably be time to raise a new president to power in GTA – at least if GTA 6 was actually supposed to play in the current time. As CalculatorOctavius ​​points out, the time of President Lawton from GTA 4 and 5 to Grand Theft Auto 6 would be over for sure. Maybe fans can actually look forward to Donald Trump in GTA 6. In addition to Trump, fans want these celebrities in GTA 6.

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