JustaMinx Fans Concerned As Twitch Star Posts Gory Photos With No Explanation

JustAMinx worried fans after posting pictures on twitter

Popular Twitch streamer JustaMinx has left fans concerned after she posted photos of her bloody legs without any explanation.

JustaMinx has made a name for himself on Twitch in recent months.

She joined an Envy content house with CodeMiko and the Botez sisters, won her first boxing match, and even gained over two million followers on the platform.

However, on June 16, the creator left her fans worried after uploading photos of her bloody legs on Twitter without any explanation behind them.

JustaMinx Leaves Concerned Fans With Photos

Minx posted photos on her Twitter account. The photos show Minx’s legs covered in blood and scratches.

It said, “well, last night was rough… coomers no cooming.”

In another tweetshared another close-up image of the damage.

Fans were quick to respond to comments concerned about the creator.

One user said: “What happened?”

While another fan responded, “MINX???? YOUR WEEK WAS SUPPOSED TO GET BETTER.”

Many, many others are just looking for the explanation behind the injuries.

JustaMinx explains the story behind the shocking injuries

Minx explained the situation during a Twitch stream a short time later. According to the broadcaster, she and several other content creators had returned from a boxing training session to jump into the pool at her home.

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The group started drinking at the informal meeting when it was suggested that they all go hiking on a nearby hill. The drunken friends were heading into the desert when Minx fell into a patch of cacti, but that wasn’t entirely to blame for his injuries.

During their excursion, the streamers thought they heard an animal. Minx theorizes that it was a creature “smaller than a mountain lion”. In her state, she “charged” the creature, claiming that her “fight or flight” instincts had kicked in.

According to her, she only received one bite from the cat before “falling down the hill,” which resulted in the large number of scratches and scratches she received.

Luckily, Minx is safe and sound…though she’s definitely feeling the pain from her late-night hiking adventures.