Lost Ark: All information about the adventure tome – so you get useful rewards

Lost Ark: All information about the adventure tome - so you get useful rewards

The Adventure Tome summarizes your progress on each of the continents in Lost Ark. It includes bosses, dungeons, viewpoints and more. Every 10 percentage points you get a new reward.

How to complete the adventure tome: The main quests will fill you up around 10-20% on each continent along the way. If you want to play Lost Ark in terms of completeness, you should take the time to look at one or the other map again.

Bosses, Overlooks, Dungeons in both difficulty levels, Triporters, Relationships and Collectibles should be completed to get valuable rewards. By the way, the adventure tome opens when you press N.

Everywhere in Lost Ark you will meet NPCs with whom you can build a relationship. At the launch there are more than 70 pieces. You gain reputation through gifts, emotes, quests and songs and are eventually rewarded by the NPCs. However, you have a limited number of relationship actions available per day.

In addition, you will definitely find a few Mokokos that you left behind during the first run. Papunika will introduce you to one interactive map available, with which you can easily find mokokos, bosses and hidden side quests.

Main rewards: If you reach higher percentages, there are more items to get on the continent. For example, you might have missed a dino mount, rare cards, or decorations for your stronghold.

You also need skill point potions in the endgame, because this is the only way you can get more skill points for your skills.

Here’s what you need to complete:

  • East Luterra 70% – 3 skill points
  • North Vern 60% – 3 skill points
  • Shushire 50% – 3 skill points
  • Raw end 70% – 3 skill points
  • Punic 80% – 6 skill points
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As a final reward, at 100% of the Adventure Tome, you will receive the Continent’s Ignea Token. In capital cities, you can exchange these tokens for additional rewards, such as a mount, rune, or ability potion.

Is your adventure tome complete yet? What percentage have you already achieved on the individual continents? What rewards do you think are the most important? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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