Lost Ark Starter Packs: how to get started in this new MMO

Lost Ark Starter Packs: how to get started in this new MMO

Lost Ark is now live, and apart from some server issues at launch (and let’s be honest, how many MMOs manage to avoid these issues?), the game is proving to be very popular, and players are loving its world and the experience. it provides.

With the game launching only a few months ago, Lost Ark is still in its infancy for the West and if you want to be a part of this new MMO, check out our Lost Ark beginners guide. If you haven’t signed up yet, we have this overview of each of the Lost Ark Starter Packs for you.

There are three different starter packs, and each one gives you a chance to start the game strong. Each of them contains a clever selection of game elements that can help make your first steps in the world of Akesia a little easier and more fun. Below is a summary of the Apprentice, Explorer, and Vanquisher starter pack. Take a look at them to get an idea of ​​which might be the best fit for you.

the Lost Ark Starter Packs they are as follows:

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Lost Ark: Apprentice Starter Pack

The most basic pack. You’ll still get some nifty buffs, but not as many as the others. Contains:

  • 30 day crystal clear aura– These give you a number of in-game benefits, such as reduced prices in stores, stat boosts, and more.
  • Beginner Progression Support Chest: contains the following:
    • 30 resurrection feathers– If you die, Resurrection Feathers can be used to revive you.
    • 10,000 Silver: It can be earned in the game, this currency can be used to buy supplies and equipment.
    • Adventurer Equipment Box– Packed with useful items, including:
      • 5 epic horns of Luterra– These summon Lutheran soldiers to fight for you for 30 seconds.
      • 5 rare fire grenades: Creates a wall of flame for you to use against enemies for 10 seconds.
      • 5 rare dream bombs– As you might expect, these can put enemies to sleep.
      • 5 camouflage robes: Use them to temporarily disguise yourself from enemies.
      • 5 Rare Robes of Swiftness: These temporarily increase your movement speed.
      • 5 Rare Mocking Scarecrows: You use these scarecrows to taunt enemies in your area.
    • Gatherer’s Tool Chest– This includes harvesting, mining, fishing, logging, and digging tools, which are essential for collecting resources in the game.
    • Four Adventurers Ascent Chest– These contain in-game currency and healing items.
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Lost Ark: Explorer Starter Pack

The second level of the starter pack includes all of the following bonuses:

  • All the same bonuses from Lost Ark: Apprentice Starter Pack.
  • Achatemeow Pet Selection Box– This gives you a cute pet that will follow you around the game and help you collect loot.
  • Dyorika Warhorse Saddle– These come in different varieties and have individual abilities, but they all give you an easier means of traveling around the world.
  • Character expansion slot: In this game, you choose whether you want to be a human or an elf, with a character expansion slot, you can be both, because you can have two characters.
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Lost Ark: Vanquisher Starter Pack

This, the most expensive, includes quite a few extra bonuses. These are the following:

  • everything from the Explorer Y Starter Packs for Apprentices.
  • 2100 crystals: This is a premium currency that you can spend on equipment, pets, mounts, and more.
  • Character Appearance Change– If you ever get to a point where you’re not happy with the way your character looks, you can use this to edit it once.
  • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest– These gifts can be used to help build your relationships with NPC characters.
  • Wingskin Chest– Allows characters of any class to don the skin of Alar.

If you’re thinking of starting your Lost Ark adventure today, check out our Lost Ark system requirements guide to make sure you’ll be able to run it on your gaming PC.