Mizkif speechless reading Hasan meltdown from xQc’s Twitch tier list

xqc twitch tier list

Mizkif was taken aback to see Hasan’s reaction to xQc’s Twitch Streamer Tier list, but it wasn’t a complete surprise to see how some would react to the rankings.

With streamers switching to other platforms and the fight for viewer power getting tighter, the clear favorites rise to the top of the popular categories day after day. xQc put together a rough list of who sits atop the Twitch totem pole.

While some like Asmongold and Summit1g moved on to F tier, or ‘F-The Face Of Twitch’, Hasan found himself on B tier with popular broadcasters like Myth, Disguised Toast, Pokimane and more.

xqc nervous contraction

The xQc tier list had Hasan alongside Twitch greats like Pokimane and Esfand.

Miz came across some screenshots of Hasan’s reaction on Discord and he didn’t seem to take the news well, suggesting it was the last straw against xQc.

“Holy shit!” Mizkif said. “This is what I did in a joke tier list a few years ago. But that’s really how I feel about making tier lists of other streamers: it’s very shy to do. He just does this, causes trouble for no reason.”

The Egg has seen how these lists can affect people and create problems out of nowhere. But he was reeling from how longtime broadcaster Hasan took the ranking in the first place.

In the messages, Hasan mentioned that this outburst was a long time coming, as his opinion of xQc hasn’t been very good since the Depp v Heard test meta, his betting broadcast phase, and more.

“I don’t give a shit about xQc’s tier list,” Hasan said. “I am just not able to be charitable anymore when he regularly makes fun of me in his chat and is generally doing shit for endless money bags like streaming crypto bets to thousands.

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“I was angry with him and [the tier list] it was straw.

These personal tier lists can fluctuate wildly from each other and are a great way to provoke a reaction, exactly why Miz doesn’t think it’s a good idea to put them together in the first place.