Ms. Marvel: Who is Kamran’s new love interest?

Shirtless Kamran in Ms Marvel

The second episode of Ms. Marvel introduces a new potential love interest for Kamala Khan. But who is this new boy, Kamran?

The second episode Ms. Marvel, one of the newest shows in the MCU, has finally arrived on Disney+ and, with it, a new character as well.

In episode two, titled “Crushed,” Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, meets a new boy at school named Kamran, with whom she instantly falls in love. However, it is not what it seems…


Who is Kamran in Ms. Marvel episode 2?

Kamran, played by Rish Shah from the famous soap opera Emmerdale, is a new boy at school who has just arrived from England. He’s charming, funny, and has abs, so Kamala instantly falls for him.

He meets Kamala at a party in Episode 2 after she sees him diving into a pool, and then he takes her and her friends Nakia and Bruno home once the police arrest the party.


Kamran certainly impresses Kamala.

The pair join Bollywood movies, and he later helps her practice her bad driving. Kamala is completely in love with her, imagining illustrations around her and doodling it in her school notebooks. Kamala actor Iman Villani is arguably acting a bit over the top right now, but he’s definitely fun to watch.

Bruno, who seems to harbor feelings for Kamala, is also funny in these scenes, as he and Kamran constantly exchange passive-aggressive comments when Bruno’s jealousy arises. Granted, as we covered in our Episode 2 review, this trope may be a bit dated, as is Kamala’s seemingly blossoming plot too blinded by love to see that there’s clearly something fishy about Kamran.

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Kamran’s arrival and his immediate interest in Kamala, along with his talent for putting on new accents and identities, as shown by the scene with Kamala’s brother, is unsettling from the start, and thankfully the show doesn’t assume the audience is too. he is too blinded by Kamran’s charm to feel that anything is going on.

Kamran stands in his car with roses in ms marvel

Kamran seems perfect from the start… a little too perfect

At the end of the second episode, Kamala is on the run from the DODC agents and manages to escape when Kamran pulls up in his car to rescue her. But how did he know she was there? And who is the sinister woman in the back seat who claims that she has been waiting to meet Kamala?

Well, comics manage to answer a lot of these questions. MORE SPOILERS BELOW!

Who is Kamran in the Ms. Marvel comics?

Anyone suspicious of Kamran on the show can prepare to feel validated, as it turns out he’s a full-fledged villain in the comics.

As stated by CBR, in the comics “One of Kamala’s first enemies was Kamran, a friend she had developed a bit of a crush on. Kamran was also an Inhuman like Kamala, and the pair initially bonded over their shared circumstances. Kamran possessed the ability to transfer stored energy from his body to objects, creating what he called a “biokinetic charge”.

kamran shows his powers to kamala in ms marvel comics

Kamran and Kamala united in the comics

Since Kamala is not an Inhuman on the show like she is in the comics, and her powers are different, we can assume that Kamran’s identity and abilities may change as well. But her role in the show’s story will likely remain the same.

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As CBR continues, “It was later revealed that Kamran was in league with Ms. Marvel’s enemy bloodline, and Kamran’s kindness was all a ploy to gain her trust. The former friends clashed in Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #15.”

Unlike Kamala, Kamran looks down on non-superhumans and wants Kamala to stop being a hero and join him alongside the great villain Lineage. At one point, when they are in her car, he beats her up and kidnaps her, taking her to the Lineage’s lair. Since the second episode of Ms. Marvel ends with the two of them in a car together, things are not looking good for Kamala. Perhaps the woman in the backseat of Kamran’s car is even the series’ version of Lineage.

kamran and kamala argue in ms marvel comics

Kamran betrays and kidnaps Kamala later in the comics.

However, Kamran has yet to reveal his super identity in the series, so fans will likely have to wait a few episodes before they realize his true motives.

The third episode of Ms. Marvel arrives on Disney + next Wednesday, June 22. Read our review of episode 2 HERE.