Nothing Phone 1 captured in the video with a glowing back cover

Nothing Phone 1 captured in the video with a glowing back cover

from Norman Wittkopf
The still somewhat mysterious Nothing Phone 1 was recently revealed with its most notable feature yet in the form of the rear light strips.

The upcoming Nothing Phone 1 from the new company of Oneplus co-founder Carl Pei is known to make a big entry into the smartphone market and ultimately even compete with Apple with its own ecosystem. At a surprise event in Switzerland, selected journalists were given a foretaste of the new model, but only from the back, which was also recently revealed on Instagram.

The Nothing Phone 1 was captured in a video on Rafael Zeier’s YouTube channel, although it could only be seen behind a display case, but it still gives an impression of the light elements on the futuristic-looking back. According to this, the ring around the camera module in the middle and components on the top and bottom of the back have the light sources.

Glowing Nothing Phone 1

Noisy It is currently not entirely clear to what extent this is a functional or purely cosmetic feature, although of course it is likely to be used as notification LEDs for calls and the like. Adaptability would also be conceivable, but this is not yet certain.

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Previous leaks and teasers have, according to one further report The website meanwhile showed that the Nothing Phone 1 will probably use a Qualcomm processor from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 series and will have support for wireless charging. It should run with the manufacturer’s in-house Android interface called Nothing OS and be based on Android 12. In the meantime, it is to be presented extensively with all the important details at a separate event on July 12 in London.