One Piece: Manga Chapter 1053 reveals new bounties, the new emperors, info on Pluton and more

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In one piece is this Final of an Arc usually the most interesting part in terms of information gathering, because here you almost always find out what happened in the world while the straw hats experienced their adventures. There forms too Manga Chapter 1053 no exception to the conclusion of the Wano Arc heard.

And this time fans should be particularly happy, because the Spoilers for the chapterwhich officially on June 16, 2022 appears, promise many new hints, information and twists, some of which could hardly be more surprising. Naturally, the following text contains all sorts of spoilers to the actionso please read on at your own risk.

One Piece: The Many Revelations of Manga Chapter 1053

The new manga chapter to the worldwide popular mangaka pirate epic Eiichiro Oda is so stuffed with new information, that the spoilers about the content are circulating long before the actual publication. In the meantime, some key data from serious fansites confirmedwhich is why we have compiled them here for you.

This includes the new bounties by Luffy, Law and Kid, who together eventually defeated two of the Four Emperors. Accordingly were also two new emperors officially recognized, the addition Shanks and Blackbeard now among the most powerful and feared pirates on the planet grandline counting.

However, we also learn more about the character in this chapter Hitetsulearn new things about the Superweapon Pluton and get the first time Admiral Ryokugyus in action, we also learn the real name of the naval officer. That Color Spread This time, by the way, is the video game One Piece Odyssey dedicated.

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The new bounties

After it the alliance of Kid, Law and Luffy succeeded both big mom as well as Kaido defeating it, it was clear that bounties would skyrocket. All three now officially have a bounty of 3 billion berries. For comparison, Luffy’s bounty was previously 1.5 billion, Law’s was 500 million, and Kid’s was 470 million Berry.

Hitetsu, Robin and Pluton

In manga chapter 1053 of One Piece it turns out that one more fan theory turned out to be true, because Hitetsu is indeed the former shogun Kozuki Sukiyakithe father of odes and thus grandfather of momosuke. The former prince is talking to me Nico Robin about the superweapon Pluton.

As it turns out, the poneglyph in the royal crypt under the Alabasta Palacethat Pluton is on Wa no Kuni located. However, where exactly this ancient technology can be found was not mentioned further. The gun could be one of the many reasons why the world government so much about that Land of the Samurai is interested.

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Admiral Ryokugyus

One of the two new Headquarters admirals also reaches Wano in this chapter of One Piece and we learn that his real name aramaki reads. The admiral can create plants and the absorbing nutrients from humanswhich he also demonstrates impressively with the remaining pirates of Kaido.

The new emperors

Of course, after Big Mom and Kaido fell, a power vacuumnow from two new emperors must be filled. One of them is not surprising Luffy, who is known to already have many territories under his flag and many allies on his side. So far everything is in line with what was to be expected.

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One Piece: Buggy the Clown (Manga Chapter 1053)
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However, the second pirate who is now officially recognized as the Emperor is a real one wildcardit is none other than buggy the clown. Like it the 1000 coin clown managed to climb so high so quickly, we will probably only find out later, but with great certainty he was once again actively helped by his subordinates.