Overwatch 2: No PvE at release – campaign doesn’t start until 2023

Loot Boxes: Overwatch

from Philip Sattler
One of the big features promised by the developers when Overwatch 2 was first announced in 2019 was certainly the new PvE mode. Consisting of campaigns that reveal more about the story and individual heroic missions, these are still planned. However, the PvE part will not be ready for the October release.

When the Blizzard developers announced Overwatch 2 more than three years ago, they fulfilled a great wish of many players. Because they announced PvE content for the team shooter in the same breath. Since Overwatch emerged from the remnants of the canceled Project Titan, the individual heroes and the entire game were equipped with significantly more backstory than is usually the case in such a shooter. And that’s exactly what many players wanted to know more about – and what better way than a PvE campaign and heroic missions?

Overwatch 2: Free2Play model, Early Access in October

That’s exactly what the developers announced – including a rudimentary talent system that you can use to customize your hero in PvE a little. A feature that could not have been balanced in pure PvP and will therefore only be limited to PvE in Overwatch 2.


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