Please check out this perfect recreation of ‘Pokémon Fire Red’ using real cats.

Please check out this perfect recreation of 'Pokémon Fire Red' using real cats.

If there is something that the Internet loves more in this world, it is cats. So get ready to feel the sensations as this PokéFan perfectly recreates the first few minutes of fire red pokemon using their cats.

Pokemon: CuteCats Version was shared both on YouTube and on the r/pokemon user GoroandLuca’s subreddit. The video featured two of the user’s cats dressed as different characters like Professor Oak and Red, as well as different Pokemon like Bulbasaur. The set is made from cardboard cutouts and a good use of 2D CGI backgrounds that match the art style of the original Gameboy Advance game.

PokéFans fell in love with the video, as it currently has over 14,000 upvotes on Reddit and 5,000 views on YouTube. Fans were more appreciative when the cat trainer chose Bulbasaur as his starter Pokemon.

And as cute and cuddly as this episode provided, one PokéFan noticed a minor dark side to this AU! In the Pokemon franchise, a trainer receives his first Pokémon at the age of 10. They then compared that fact to the average lifespan of cats and found that they don’t live very long. However, another fan gave them some comfort by reminding them that Ash is almost 20 years old, so the cat is pretty well off in the Pokémon universe.

This clawed recreation of Pokemon has captured many hearts of fans and loved the subtle differences between this version of the video games. And many fans can agree that the Pokemon CuteCats Version has to be the cutest installment of the Pokemon franchise they have ever seen.

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