Pokemon fans share their controversial views on the franchise

Pokemon fans share their controversial views on the franchise

From hating popular games to supporting controversial designs, Pokemon fans are sharing opinions that are likely to turn the fanbase against them.

With over 25 years of games, anime episodes, and more for fans to consume, there’s plenty Pokemon content available to enjoy. Each Pokemon fan also has a different set of favorites. When asked to choose their favorite Pokemon, game generation, anime season, and more, two Pokemon fans will probably give very different answers. Pokemon fans will often share their favorite things about the franchise online. However, now the fanbase is trying something different, as players of the games and viewers of the anime are giving their most controversial opinions on the franchise.


As much as there are many things to love PokemonIts dedicated fans have also found plenty to dislike over the years. Fans have listed their most controversial opinions on the Pokemon franchise in a lengthy Reddit post, and while the initial post was deleted, replies can still be read. Throughout the thousands of comments, some interesting opinions were shown, and it seems that there were patterns between what Pokemon fans believe it to be his most controversial belief.

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When given the opportunity to freely express their honest and controversial opinion, quite a few Pokemon fans declared Gen 5 to be their least favorite generation. This turned out to be an unpopular opinion due to the fact that many Pokemon fans believe that Black Y White and its sequels are some of the best games of the main titles. Those who didn’t like the games stated in the Reddit thread that they found them boring, and they also didn’t like the fact that some Pokemon fans used their appreciation for Gen 5 to talk about how bad previous Gens were in comparison.

Among the hatred of Gen 5, there was also talk of loving Gen 8. Sword Y Shield they are not the most loved Pokemon games, and many fans found them disappointing. Those with supposedly unpopular opinions said that the Gen 8 games were actually some of the best, if fans were willing to accept the fact that they didn’t have the best story. Some also liked the controversial idea that the Galar region only has a limited number of Pokémon, instead of including all the creatures in the franchise.

Moving on from the opinion of fans across generations, a belief that seemed slightly less controversial was one’s Pokemon player who stated that he preferred the Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics in pokemon sword Y Shield about the Mega Evolutions introduced in Gen 6. Whether Mega Evolutions should return is a divisive issue as some fans would love to see Scarlet Y Violet introduce the mechanics, while others would prefer it to remain in the past.

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